The key for gift companies to counterattack the market: innovation and quality

by:Ennas      2022-02-08

The gift industry has experienced years of development, the brand structure has basically taken shape, and the market competition has become increasingly fierce. After entering the new era, foreign products invaded the domestic market, and the development space of domestic gift companies was squeezed, especially small and medium gift companies can be said to survive in the cracks.   You need to know that every big brand starts with a small company. Therefore, small and medium gift companies should not do nothing, or take shortcuts and make a little profit by opportunism. What they should do more is to keep innovating and daring to make breakthroughs on the basis of ensuring the quality of their own products, and to take a counterattack path.  If companies want to counterattack, they can guarantee quality.  Not all gift companies can successfully counterattack, but quality is what they rely on.   Just like the Spring Festival file of the 2015 Chinese movie, 'Wolf Totem' is advancing on the road of counterattack, while 'Daddy's Holiday' is going down all the way and can't stop at all. On New Year’s Day, seven films were released at the same time. According to statistics, 'Lion of Heaven' won the daily box office with a box office of 107 million, while 'Wolf Totem' and 'Daddy's Holiday' only won 29.2 million, 18 million. It was also an escort, the difference was that after the first day of 'Wolf TotemOn March 1, the daily box office surpassed 'The Lion of Heaven' with a score of 39.28 million, and on Monday, March 2, there was no big diving phenomenon. On the other hand, 'Dad’s Holiday' has already been downgraded. I can’t help but sigh that the star dad’s cute baby can’t match the growing reputation of competitors!    By the same token, whether small and medium gift companies can counterattack depends on the reputation of the product. . Relying on short cuts and opportunistic tricks, to use fakes and misunderstandings, may be able to obtain temporary benefits, but once it is discovered by consumers, it will be a fatal blow. If companies want to counterattack, they must continue to innovate and innovate' is the most frequently mentioned term in all walks of life, and it is also the most talked-about topic. All companies are talking about continuous innovation, but there are very few that truly achieve innovation. 'The so-called innovation of these companies' is either simply making a little modification on the appearance, or directly copying the new ideas of others, taking it to yourself, and advocating innovation'.    all say that innovation is difficult, and it is difficult to innovate. When wireless When the 3G network was all the rage, who would have thought that there would be a faster 4G? Now the number of wireless 4G users has exceeded 100 million, and will reach 250 million in 2015. Of course, this is not the end.    There are only unexpected, not impossible. Therefore, small and medium gift companies should never worry about finding innovative points. As long as they learn more new knowledge and develop new technologies, innovation will no longer be a paper talk.    No matter how the market develops, there will always be companies that stand out, small and medium gift companies We should actively face such a competitive environment and take a good counterattack.
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