The International Licensing Industry Association LIMA has once again become the support organization of China International Brand Licensing Hall

by:Ennas      2021-11-21

On June 19th, the International Licensing Industry Association (abbreviation: LIMA) and China Toys and Baby Products Association signed an agreement. Based on the good cooperation between the two sides for many years, LIMA once again became the China International Brand Licensing Hall (abbreviation: Brand Licensing Hall) This is also the sixth year of LIMA’s support and participation in the activities authorized by the association. As the most professional and authoritative industry organization and platform in the international licensing industry, LIMA has been participating in and supporting regionally representative and influential licensing exhibitions and activities around the world, including the Las Vegas Licensing Show in North America and Europe. Licensing exhibition in London, etc. The strong alliance between LIMA and the association will further drive and promote the development and exchanges of the brand licensing industry in China and even in Asia. The Brand Licensing Pavilion is the most influential, authoritative and professional authorized commerce platform in mainland China. It is launched by the China Toys and Baby Products Association on the basis of the mature development of China Toy Fair and China Baby Fair. , Aims to help authorized companies to develop products and markets by combining with brand authorization, so as to realize the improvement of the industrial chain and promote the sustainable development of the industry. The 2013 Brand Licensing Pavilion will be held from October 15th to 17th, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Gathering well-known authorized brands at home and abroad, expanding the preferred channel for licensing business In 2013, the brand licensing hall expanded to nearly 500 booths, attracting more than 600 popular authorized projects worldwide, and the proportion of international brands and exhibitors exceeded 80%. Popular international licensing projects: Disney character series, Marvel heroes, Transformers, Barbie, Snoopy, Miffy, Ultraman, fashion sports and brands and other licensing projects: Manchester United, Juventus, Barcelona Football Club, Discovery Channel , Guinness World Records, well-known domestic authorized brands: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Balala Little Demon Fairy, Armor Warrior, Guobao Special Attack, Moore Manor, etc., covering various fields such as cartoon animation, film and television entertainment, sports and leisure, fashion trends, etc. . Toys, baby products, youth products, furniture, gifts, clothing, publishing, sporting goods, household fabrics, beauty products, stationery/paper products, electrical appliances, housewares, food/beverages, accessories, software, footwear, audio-visual products And authorized brand agents, etc., can understand the status and characteristics of the licensing industry through the brand licensing hall, so as to embed the authorized brand image into their own products or design new products, and further enhance the added value of the brand through the development and sales of authorized brand derivative products , Easily obtain the operating return beyond expectations. Summit forums and authorized training are held concurrently to lead the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. At the same time, in order to lead the healthy and sustainable development of the authorized industry, promote the in-depth cooperation, communication and collaboration between authorized parties and authorized enterprises, and build an efficient service docking platform, the association's full support in the Ministry of Culture Next, the China Brand Licensing Summit Forum will be held on-site in the Brand Licensing Hall. At that time, experts in the authorized industry and senior executives of the successful cooperation partners will be invited to conduct in-depth analysis on current hot topics and analyze the experience and lessons of successful cooperation to effectively help the authorized party to learn about the brand. Business model, accumulate more brand operation experience, and drive the development and growth of the company's own brand. In addition, the association will also organize brand authorization training on site to help licensees fully understand the current status and characteristics of the domestic authorization market, master the expertise of authorized business cooperation, and improve the efficiency and results of cooperation between the two parties. In addition, the Asian Licensing Association (ALA), the Korea Culture Promotion Agency (KOCCA), the Taiwan Animation and Creative Industry Development and Exchange Association, and the authoritative media TOTALLICENSING are also actively promoting the development of brand licensing halls, and there will be more overseas outstanding classic licensing images. And the project appeared in the Chinese market, bringing more choices to domestic authorized parties.
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