The innovation of the handicraft industry, if the 'new' already, also want to be'

by:Ennas      2021-10-12
One of the most advocate personalized industry, lack of personality differences, industry would be difficult to survive. From the current overall, handicraft industry or from the old traditional way for many years, one thing, for decades, the large number of similar factories, then then everyone only small profits to be made, and then there is a lot of inventory, product development is not enough, the degree of homogeneity is too high, low barriers to entry. For ancestors, we are going to tradition, but tradition is two words, handed down, inheritance, is the basis of innovation, not the driving force of innovation, the development of the arts and crafts market is just empty talk. Existing many enterprises in the industry, is in the glide, we cannot abandon traditional, but also not all is gold, traditional inheritance up to development. Some traditional handicrafts development of enterprise, is such, in & other; Holding public beg & throughout; , arts and crafts design innovation to change according to market demand, pay attention to its applicability and aesthetic, development target, marketable. Now the market demand for variety, technology and green environmental protection request more and more obvious, with individuation, creative, modelling novel and unique handicraft is more and more attention. For example, with resin as the essence, in technology, modern manufacturing technology and the combination of traditional handicraft technology, culture, modern fashion technology combined with traditional Chinese culture, in personality, general product artistic quality, manufacturability, ornamental, the collection of combined with practicality. This is the golden fortune creation, golden fortune creation is not traditional handicrafts, is a model of modern arts and crafts enterprises, after more than 20 years of development, a total of 1008 appearance r&d patents, has now developed into a collection of home decoration, business gifts, glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture in a body's specialized company, has enjoyed a high reputation of the market and social reputation.
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