The implementation of the 'single two-child' policy is conducive to Hong Kong toy manufacturers' development in the Mainland

by:Ennas      2021-12-17

After the implementation of 'separate second child' in the Mainland, the demand for products for infants and children has increased, which is favorable for Hong Kong toy manufacturers to develop in the Mainland. Hong Kong Trade Development Council Acting President Zhou Qiliang said that after the implementation of the relevant policies, it is expected that an additional 1 million to 2 million babies will be born in the mainland every year. I believe the prospects for the toy industry are still bright. However, Hong Kong’s toy exports fell last year, mainly due to many manufacturers exporting goods at the South China port. It is expected that more toys will be exported locally in the future. Zhou Qiliang pointed out that last year's toy exports were good, but Hong Kong's toy exports have declined. Regarding the performance of the toy industry this year, he expects that the European and American markets will perform well, because the US economy is recovering, while some European countries such as Germany still have a large demand for toys, and there will be more newborn babies in the Mainland in the future. Optimistic about the market this year.  Actually, the current toy target is not only children. Adults and the elderly are also the targets of exhibitors. This year, the toy fair at the exhibition will continue to have 'Big Kids' World   The Hong Kong Toy Fair will be held from January 12 to 15. There will also be a baby products fair and an international stationery fair.
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