The hydrogen balloon 'bomb' hovering beside the child

by:Ennas      2021-12-13

Red Net Changsha County Station October 14 News Pleasant Goat, HelloKitty, Winnie the Pooh... In squares, parks, and kindergartens, colorful and cute balloons always make children stop. As long as the child reaches out his hand and cries, the parent immediately pays to stop crying. But have you ever thought that these cute balloons may actually be 'bombs' floating around the child.  The soot detonated the balloon and burned the child   On the evening of the 12th, Ms. Zhou, a citizen living in Shanshuiren, and her husband and children bought a robot cat-shaped balloon for her child while walking in Xingsha Cultural Square. The child tied one end of the balloon to his hand and played with the balloon.   Later, Ms. Zhou’s husband smoked a cigarette and accidentally bounced sparks onto the child’s balloon while flicking the ashes. Just hearing a 'bangThe couple rushed the child to the hospital for treatment. The doctor diagnosed the child's left arm and face with mild burns.   The next day, Ms. Zhou filed a complaint with the industry and commerce department, requesting that the vendors who operate balloons without a license be banned to ensure that they would no longer cause harm to other children.   Many citizens don’t understand that hydrogen balloons are easy to explode.    Yesterday, the reporter visited Xingsha Cultural Square, the entrance of County Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital, Teli Park and other places and learned that street cartoon balloons are mostly filled with hydrogen, and most citizens are not aware of the danger.   Yesterday afternoon, in front of the cartoon balloon stall at the main entrance of Teli Park, a little girl asked her grandmother for 4 yuan to buy a balloon shaped like a Pooh bear. The reporter then asked the old man if he knew that the balloon was filled with hydrogen. She said that she had heard her family say it, but she hadn't thought about whether it would explode. The reporter interviewed 10 parents at random on the street. Most of the parents knew that cartoon balloons contained hydrogen, but they rarely hooked balloons and explosions. A vendor who has sold balloons at the entrance of the County Maternal and Child Health Hospital for many years said that although the cartoon toy balloons he sells are filled with hydrogen, they are low in concentration and absolutely safe. 'I have never heard of explosions.' Most of the cartoon balloons are priced between 3 and 6 yuan. On holidays, some vendors can sell about 50 balloons a day.  Balloons should be filled with inert gas. According to Article 17 of the 'Administrative Measures for the Release of Balloons' issued by the China Meteorological Administration: the storage and transportation of gas, filling, and recovery of balloons must strictly abide by the relevant regulations on fire protection and safe use and management of hazardous chemicals. The balloons should be filled with safe inert gas, such as helium. But in the reporter's interview, the vendors confessed that helium is more expensive, and almost all the cartoon balloons they sell are filled with hydrogen.   Then, the reporter consulted the Changsha County Public Security Fire Brigade. According to the person in charge, the hydrogen balloon will explode and burn when exposed to an open flame or high temperature. Similarly, the hydrogen balloon may explode when it is squeezed by external force or severely rubbed. The biggest hazard for children playing with a hydrogen balloon is that the skin is made of plastic. After the hydrogen is burned out, it can still burn, and it will drip plastic liquid, which will cause skin burns if it sticks to the skin of the human body.  Fire Reminder: After purchasing hydrogen balloons for your children, try not to go to places with many people or fireworks, and do not carry hydrogen balloons on buses, taxis and other transportation to avoid explosions and cause casualties.
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