The huge animation toy business opportunities that the Shanghai Disney project will bring

by:Ennas      2021-12-15

Mosaic Culture took aim at the huge business opportunities of animation toys that the Shanghai Disney project will bring. The company announced on the evening of the 11th that in order to further deepen the industrial chain, integrate resources, and better implement the strategic layout, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Hong Kong Maison, intends to invest in Jacks Maison Hong Kong with self-raised funds. After the completion of the investment, Hong Kong Maison will hold There is a 49% stake in Jacks Maison Hong Kong, and after the establishment of Jacks Maison Hong Kong, it will set up a subsidiary in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.   It is reported that Jacks Maison Hong Kong will mainly engage in the sales of Jacks Hong Kong designated products in the future. Jacks Hong Kong is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jacks Pacific. Jacks Pacific is a NASDAQ listed company in the United States (stock code: JAKK). It is the world's leading toy company and Disney's global licensee. It is mainly engaged in various toy design, Production and sales, including Jacks intellectual property products, and toys authorized by a number of major entertainment production companies. Jacks Pacific is the company's long-term cooperative customer. The parties to the joint venture agreed that Jacks Messaging Hong Kong will invest in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, Jacks Messing Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Jacks Messing Shanghai'). Jacks Maison Shanghai is established in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, mainly engaged in the promotion and sales of authorized products, and the promotion and sales of patented products designated by Jacks Hong Kong.   The company stated that Hong Kong Legg Mason is one of Legg Mason’s important layouts on the sales side of animation derivatives. Now Mosaic Culture cooperates with Jacks, and invests in the establishment of Jacks Mosaic Shanghai, which is conducive to the development of the company's domestic market and the development of the company's domestic and foreign trade.   As China is in a new round of rapid development of the cultural industry, the establishment of JKS Messaging Shanghai is one of the company's important strategic deployments to respond to the rapid development of the cultural industry. After the investment is completed, the company will further improve the industrial chain and better implement the strategic layout. This year, the company promotes the transformation and upgrading of the cultural industry, and builds a large cultural industry map: So far, it has acquired the holding Dishun Technology (holding 85.82% equity), Xingmeng Workshop (51.06% equity), Shanghai Pure Age (70% equity), and the future Based on core IP resources such as animation, games, and film and television, the operation and sales of derivatives such as apparel and accessories will be supported, and the sales profits at the back end of the industry chain will be used to feed back the creative investment in the front part of the industry chain. The strategic layout of the cultural industry chain is beginning to take shape.   This year, due to the hot sales of animation derivatives overseas, overseas orders have increased, and the company's export business has also increased significantly. The company's net profit from January to September this year increased by 48.4%, and the company's annual net profit is expected to increase by 90%-120%.
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