The gods use Lego bricks to build a transformable Optimus Prime!

by:Ennas      2021-11-04
Summary: In the hands of those great gods, Lego bricks can be said to be works of art. However, there are many Lego works that are made meticulously, but few that are meticulous and deformable. Let’s take a look at the Optimus Prime of the expert Ralph Savelsberg, this can be transformed! This Lego Optimus Prime comes from the hands of the Great God, not to mention the details must be very strong. The shape of the truck refers to the shape of the movie version. He used building blocks of different colors to imitate the painting of the front of the truck in the original version, which is very impressive.     Shenren uses Lego bricks to build a transformable Optimus Prime.    Compared with the highly-reduced truck shape, the shape of the Autobot is slightly inferior. This may be due to Lego’s restrictions on the shape of the blocks, and the author also has to take into account the deformation. But even so, this Optimus Prime is better than many works.   It’s a pity that the Great God didn’t specifically record a video to show how it deformed, because just by looking at the appearance, it’s hard to imagine how the two are transformed.
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