The function of campus stainless steel sculpture and its production process

by:Ennas      2022-02-19
Each school has a variety of stainless steel sculptures with different meanings. These stainless steel sculptures represent different intriguing and profound meanings. Below, the Beijing campus stainless steel sculpture manufacturer will introduce you to the role of campus stainless steel sculpture and its production process. 1. The role of campus stainless steel sculpture 1. Guiding role Sculpture art is a three-dimensional art form with rich cultural connotations in the campus environment. With its excellent visual effects, it has influenced the creation of campus space culture, and it not only satisfies the sensory pursuit of teachers and students , And can reflect the spirit and characteristics of the times, advocate the direction of campus cultural atmosphere construction, and guide the thought and spiritual pursuit of teachers and students. 2. The role of cultural communication and intimacy. Sculpture art enhances the art appreciation ability of teachers and students with its unique charm It promotes cultural communication and exchanges between teachers and students and between students. 3. Aesthetic education function Aesthetic education function refers to the cultivation, shaping and cultivating of temperament. The campus art sculpture is the tangible material carrier of school culture. Stimulate students’ enterprising spirit and unite strength, and at the same time improve students’ aesthetic appeal. Second, campus stainless steel sculpture production process 1. Project design for stainless steel sculpture This is mainly for customers who need to design, and should be considered when designing stainless steel sculptures. Its environment can determine its content, form, color, etc., and design a complete stainless steel sculpture plan. 2. To make clay sculptures, complex or large stainless steel sculptures, you need to make clay sculptures according to the plan, etc. After it is done, the small draft will be enlarged to the same proportion. Some stainless steel sculptures need to be designed for the main bracket, which requires the stainless steel sculpture to be made clear about the load, size, shape, etc. that it can withstand. 3. Stainless steel sculpture remodeling The clay manuscript is turned into a hard material mold, generally plaster molds are used. 4. Stainless steel sculpture forging is used to forge a complete stainless steel sculpture according to the mold. The sculpture is polished many times, and then the surface is treated. 5. Stainless steel The surface of the sculpture is painted with stainless steel. The color of the sculpture itself is silvery white and shiny. It can also be different colors on the sculpture according to the needs. 6. The installation is generally welded, which is relatively strong, that is, the skeleton of the sculpture itself is welded to the embedded iron on the base. The steel bars are welded under the embedded iron, and the length of the steel bars and the size of the embedded iron are determined according to the size of the sculpture. The above content is the introduction to the role of the campus stainless steel sculpture and the production process brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer. Hope Can help you.
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