The four-year-old baby has entered a new stage of development that actively explores the toy world

by:Ennas      2021-12-19

The baby is four months old and has begun to be interested in the things around him, always turning his head. What should parents play with their children at this time?   When being picked up or supported by someone, the baby has been able to keep his head upright, no longer swaying, and even turning his head to follow moving objects. Some babies will start to roll over, turning their bodies from side to side.   If you touch the soles of his feet with something, he will kick with his legs. This kind of action can strengthen the baby's leg muscles and prepare him for crawling and standing in the future.  Small hands are his favorite toys. They put them in their mouths for a while, then take them out to look at them, or play with them together. Can separate the thumb and other fingers to grasp things, but is not yet skilled.   When crying, he hears his mother's voice or sees her mother's face, he will quiet down quickly, or he will reach out for a hug. If you tickle him, he will giggle, very happy, as if expecting you to tease him. More and more sounds will be made, and gradually repeat and continuous syllables will be made.   All these performances mean that the baby has entered a new stage of development where he actively explores the world.  Game recommendation  Practice turning over: the baby lies on the bed. You take a squeezable toy, squeeze it on his side, to attract the baby's attention, and help him turn sideways to the side that makes the sound. Change the other side and squeeze the toy to help him turn sideways again. This can improve the baby's ability to control the body and practice turning over.   Roll the ball: The baby is lying on the bed. You put a small brightly colored leather ball or fruit in front of your baby to attract his attention, and then push the ball or fruit forward and let him follow it. This game can improve your baby's spatial cognition.   Catch the toy: Hang your baby's favorite toy in one place, hold your baby close to the toy, and guide him to reach out and grab it. This can exercise the baby's ability to reach out and grasp.   Pull and sit up: The baby is lying on the bed, you grab his arms and pull him to sit up. Then put it down, pull him to sit up again, and repeat it several times. The baby can feel the change of body position from it. Happy mother: Baby Zhang Yanqiu is so cute! Watching him make progress day by day, grow up day by day, the joy in my heart is beyond words. I wish the baby a healthy, happy and carefree life.   This age baby starts to roll over. This is the first step for him to move his body, and it also shows that the muscle strength of his torso is increasing. This will lay the foundation for the further development of his movements.   began to take the initiative to grab things. This is an important leap in the development of hand functions. But at this time, the baby can only grasp with a large hand, and the fingers are not flexible yet. The main thing is to place or hang objects in front of him for him to take, cultivate his awareness of active grasping and exercise his hand-eye coordination ability.
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