The four characteristics of qing dynasty furniture

by:Ennas      2020-06-13
Core tip: kangxi in the qing dynasty took, political stability, feudal landlord regime consolidation. Agriculture, handicraft industry and business, foreign trade development to a certain size, and presents the boom, kangxi in the qing dynasty took to furniture development, political stability, feudal landlord regime consolidation. Agriculture, handicraft industry and business, foreign trade development to a certain size, and present prosperity, to furniture development provides a good condition. Especially in the qianlong period, qing dynasty presents a more prosperous, to furniture development provides a certain condition. Below to see the four characteristics of qing dynasty furniture: a, varieties and pursue innovation on modelling. Clear pattern furniture breed is various, many furniture has its own characteristics and the style of the former generation did not. Li yu that more than a few cases are set in the qing dynasty, for example, drawer, cupboard more shelf, which is the first clear pattern book, dado. According to history carries, raw coals escape the cold warm chair, kang prompting fashionistas cold cold water, storage is the creation of li yu. Qing palace furniture more pleased do STH unconventional or unorthodox. Such as there is a wooden bed, bed is not only a hat rack, racks, bottle, candlestick, suspension frame, and even can lift the spittoon. In addition, the modelling of clear pattern furniture is also changing. Over the years, museums and collectors at home and abroad are collected countless clear pattern furniture, but still occasionally found never before seen strange variety of clear pattern furniture, some furniture was difficult to guess it was. Second, the material on the broad field of vision. In materials on select material, colour and lustre is deep, clear pattern furniture close, fine grain quality of precious hardwood, especially in the red sandalwood is first selection. To mid qing palace furniture before, the most exquisite materials. Such as materials standards uniformly, or rosewood and mahogany, all kinds of each other is not mixed with wood, some even made from the same root wood furniture; When select material requiring a furuncle no scar, no standard leather, colour and lustre is uniform, a bit not interested, abandoned in the would, never will. On the production, in order to guarantee the appearance of color and texture, is strong in order to secure, even do tend to use a wood, instead of small material joining together. If some bed for leg frame drum tooth structure, although the leg feet curvature is great, also adopted a new wood dug into rather than joining together. Red sandalwood furniture valuable. such handiwork in the palace of many flowers teeth, often with the feet and legs rod, a wood even do it. As a result, the materials is very big, waste a lot. Third, on craft decoration is rich. Pay attention to the decorative, is the most notable features of clear pattern furniture. In order to achieve magnificent spectacular and protean adornment effect, the clear pattern furniture designer and producer use almost at that time, all can use the adornment material, tried everything can use the adornment gimmick. On furniture production combined with all sorts of handicraft is fervently dragon's wisdom, strive to novelty. Which USES the most adornment gimmick of vulture act the role ofing and Mosaic. Fourth, combining Chinese and western art style. Handed down from a clear pattern furniture, it's easy to feel the foreign culture, especially the thick atmosphere of western art. Clear pattern furniture not only inherits the advantages of bright type, and also made bold to borrow the western civilization. From the point of view of the existing clear pattern furniture, adopting western decorative pattern or make up a significant proportion of adornment gimmick.
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