The forward sliding sideways! — — The duke guan furnishing articles

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
The duke guan guan yu, three kingdoms, was eminence as & other; The duke guan & throughout; 、“ Close the emperor & throughout; 、“ GuanSheng & throughout; 。 In the Chinese world, guan yu is almost no one know, no one knows all. Dragon crescent moon blade in his hand, eyes, face solemn and respectful. The world lines into the inspector ghost, can drive the evil. For one thousand years, guan yu is considered & other; Guanyu & throughout; , and not just because of his superior force, but that he has had a courageous. He and liu bei, zhang fei's brother sentiment is celebrated, is a model of integrity and loyalty. The duke guan moral & ndash; — Guan yu lifetime loyalty and patriotism, firmness not two, to treasure, is believed by the Buddha, Taoism and Confucianism, Taoism, featuring, wu statue of saint. The god of the folk duke guan to into everything. Have a thriving business, in addition to eritrea to evil spirit, auspicious moral of the company. Traders see the duke guan is the god of wealth, the patron saint of enrichment. Worship guan yu, in order to advocate & other; Honesty, righteousness of usury & throughout; The business spirit. Guan gong's image has two kinds: the first: beard two feet long, WoCanMei, phoenix eye, face, such as jujube, beards, such as organ, king kong by glaring appears to contain infinite grief, righteously hiding chivalrous frame of mind of heart, solemn majesty, shape with god. Second: carved the duke guan, his eyebrows tight cu, with integrity and riding horse, right hand hold dragon crescent moon blade, dignified, possibly. Duke guan put attention: the duke guan like noodles at the gate, and should be with gate seven meters to nine meters distance to, or evil wind too hard at the door, into the gods; ( When the direction and the duke guan like oriented principle of door photograph rushs not, choose the duke guan like face flush door. ) The duke guan like the back of the wall, just as we have a backer, a man doesn't against the wall, easy to weathercock, for god is the same
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