The first generation of Danish master Kay Bojason and his wooden monkey

by:Ennas      2021-11-24

Modern designers rarely design toys, and few design toys are famous. We look at the classics of modern design. Most of the furniture is furniture. Among the furniture, chairs are the main ones. Many masters have famous chairs. But it is not absolute, there are people who are famous for toy design, and there are also classic toys designed by famous designers.   Several years ago, I was watching an exhibition at the Design Center in Denmark and I saw a cute wooden monkey toy, about 60 cm high. The design of this wooden toy is very exaggerated. Its face is a rectangular oval with two big round eyes drawn on it. The two ends of this oval are the suede shapes that protrude from the monkey's face. Arms, belly, and face are made of teak and olivewood of different colors, with different colors and textures, which look like the fur of different parts of monkeys. This monkey is expensive, 200 US dollars each. People who don't know will ask why it is so expensive. The reason is that this wooden monkey is not only a toy, but also a classic work in modern design. The designer is the first generation of Danish master Kay Bojeson (1886~1958). This was a toy he designed in 1951. After it was launched on the market, it suddenly became a popular toy. He continued to work hard and designed many wooden dolls, which were exhibited in the Royal Victoria and Albert Museum, and soon became a classic.  Design toys are more expensive for children to like, and they have to be durable, which is not easy to do in toy design. Because the joints of this wooden monkey are all metal, they are not easy to break. There are movable parts. They can be used as toys or home decorations. It also has a classic design. In this way, the value is different. The reason why it has become a classic is that it has the dual function of toys and decorative furnishings as an important reason. Modern design generally pays much attention to the sense of modern materials. Metal and plastic are the main aspects. This wooden monkey by Bo Jason is pure wood, one of the most traditional materials, but the monkey shape has a modern abstraction. Sensation, therefore, is a work that uses traditional materials, modern structure, and modern expression techniques to integrate into one, which is quite unique. Danish design is world-famous. Furniture, lamps, and toys have classics. The design of such a small country is enough to hold a large-scale design exhibition, and Bo Jason is one of the most important founders of Danish design. one. He studied under George Johnson and made his debut in silverware design. He started designing in 1910. His silverware and stainless steel tableware are all outstandingly designed, and his style is still the 'new art' route at the beginning of the 20th century. A set of stainless steel cutlery he designed in 1938 won the Milan Design Award in 1951. The design is elegant and the texture is strong, highlighting his emphasis on quality materials. Bo Jason is very interested in various materials in design. After years of making metal products, he slowly began to feel that the real challenge is wood. Wood can be processed by industrial methods while still maintaining a traditional feel. The design is very fashionable, so he began to design wood products in the 1930s. At first he did some furniture design. Later, he liked using wood to make dolls. He became a pioneer in Danish design. Bo Jason's design is simpler in his later years, and the more it shifts to the functional direction, simplicity and cuteness are his design characteristics.
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