The first chapter & have spent       The development of stone carving, 2) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tip: shang dynasty stone after the erlitou culture, is in the second culture, on behalf of the shang dynasty medium-term remains. Stone production still account for important position at this moment, when the chahai products, are rare shang dynasty stone after the erlitou culture, is the two cultures, on behalf of the shang dynasty medium-term remains. Stone production still account for important position at this moment, when the chahai products, but rare striking stone carving works. Until the yinxu culture period, to enter the Chinese Bronze Age stage, stone carving art blossom again dazzling brilliance. Late shang famous figure statue, as well as from anyang Hou Jiazhuang mortar stone man remnants like large tomb no. 1004, the tomb of fu hao digging 376 survey. These characters meticulous, clothing hairstyle clear, is the ancient sculptors to direct expression of social life, which left for GuanMo model for later generations. Shang dynasty prevailing in the society but also the spirit of primitive religion, animals are people worship of the gods, and all kinds of stone carving artists are particularly good at performance animal world. Large animal king stone found in anyang Yin. Hou Jiazhuang unearthed stone duck, modelling is heavy, in the whole cable carved decorative pattern, is to create a kind of not prototype, its beak and tu mu hook to live the essential characteristics of the raptor and vicious character, the rest of the details are being left out, the thickness is different, its feet is to support the balance, also avoid the drab feeling, its the feathers and wings are thread groove, said this in the round shape into design adornment gimmick, is different from prehistoric statuettes shang dynasty small sculpture and form the alone style characteristics significantly. From the strengthening of cultural characteristics, religion, and art style change, we can detect chow has obvious social and primitive society, discovered in Yin ruins Hou Jiazhuang big white marble tomb no. 1001 beast first person Ji cave, profound changes and is reflected in the history of society transition. The stone statue we call it 'sphinx' in China. The embodiment of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, king of the gods, from the ancient totem worship. As the primitive shape divine ancestors imagine himself into an animal spirits, after entering the class society will naturally put the most authoritative original king - — A mix of ancestral apotheosis as a pet. The modelling of late shang large stone usually washs practice and abstract, and reflected the characteristic of the chow tai art design adornment style. But late shang stone carving style is not pure. Shang dynasty art both its mysterious stately hideous and complete aspect, also has a performance artist love life and natural environment. In addition, the shang dynasty stone also has an important era characteristics, that is building stone start into art, from then on, it became ancient palace, mausoleum and an integral part of various kinds of large buildings. Of the zhou dynasty stone carving Zhou Cheng Yin system, the western zhou dynasty to the early zhou dynasty had much less conspicuous stone carving, and is the same as that of the shang dynasty, zhou dynasty jade, stone crafts production is carried out in the same workshop, so we in the ritual of the early western zhou dynasty to the zhou dynasty, also found a stone carving works. Its type has a wall, ring, Juan, keisuke, Zhang, cong, and amraphel, axe, qi, dao imitated ceremonial items such as weapons, such as these items are have sign an aristocrat ranks the pecking ritual vessels, so produced is very exquisite. Big hole in the wall ring class stone carvings in the neolithic age is the common decorations, entered the era of civilization, increasingly elaborate processing, in the art expression of ideas and profound changes have taken place. They not only is the identity and status symbol of ritual vessels, and is endowed with rich ceremonial laws and ethical and moral concept. The lack of the western zhou dynasty style style is outstanding stone carving works, we think this with weeks of abstinence 'thought and worship day hold attitude, as local vassal power's rise, but after the spring and autumn period and the warring states period, the early stage of the dreary inaction on stone carving art pattern was broken. Face the political change and the baptism of the war, Confucius had issued a 'bad' ceremony music's lament, but in fact, the old world turmoil is to promote the prosperity of the nations, the central plains the enlightened politics also encouraged the ancestors' in the courage of creation within the various areas of the Chinese nation culture art also had a really great Renaissance. Stone carvings of the spring and autumn period and the warring states period to the spring and autumn period and the warring states period stone carvings although rare works independently, but stone carving skills into the wider world. Instrument stone resonator, made of the zhou dynasty, for example, has done beautifully structured form of qing fold, they not only accord with melody, and gradually broad range, thus forming a so-called 'stone-chime', a professional shot qing musicians, it is to promote the development of the ancient dance modelling of ancient stone carving art. Qin has a prominent function, the book records, but they are often be engraved on the bronze ware. In the spring and autumn, sharpening began writing and stone carving art, shaanxi fengxiang Qin Xiang male age 10 shek kwu, found belongs to the landmark masterpiece. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period began to popular XiaoXingYin, in fact, the ancient stone carving techniques transplanted in carving seals. XiaoXingYin some seals belong to the art of ancient Chinese characters, is a stone carving and bas-relief techniques in the application of seals carve, and also a miniature of the achievements of the pre-qin ancient stone carvings. From the foregoing cinstone drum, we know the qin people in the spring and autumn period and the warring states period in the field of stone carving art of its own. Qin people, in fact, is still in the king's palace tombs with stone building adornment ornament, as in the palace of shaanxi fengxiang nishimura Qin Yong are cemetery site, once found two pieces of stone figurines of about 22 cm tall. Qin Zhaowang when the warring states period in the process of construction of xianyang cross bridge, also a water stone carving town cattle and three draft of golem. Into the era of emperor qin shi huang, and rapid growth of China's stone carving art.
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