The finished toy is rudely shaping the world in the child's heart

by:Ennas      2021-12-10

In the past few days, my daughter always reminds me from time to time to buy her a fruit juicer for children seen in TV commercials. In the past, I always adopted the method of procrastination, either saying 'Wait for your fourth birthday' or 'I will buy it for you after the Spring Festival'. Of course, all promises must be fulfilled, and the price is the toys that fill half of the room. This time I made up my mind not to buy her this juicer. My daughter asked several times, and my answer was: I want it, do it myself. There is a bunker in the community, which is filled with sea sand. On weekends, I took my daughter to play in the sand in the yard. At that time, some of the other children were playing slides and some were playing football. As soon as my daughter and I arrived in the sandpit, we started digging into sand, forming a soil bag, and building a bridge. At my reminder, my daughter picked up some small branches and broke them into railings on the bridge. We continued to repair the castle behind the bridge. At this time, the surrounding children all came to watch with envy. The strange thing is that except for a little boy who grabbed the sand, no one dared to do it. Seeing more and more children in the sandpit, I They told them that they could build other castles near our castle, and tempted them to connect with our castle after they were repaired to form a big city. The children act immediately, imagine what they are going to do and proceed to do it. I found that the imagination of children is really endless. When they devoted themselves to it, there was no need for an adult to gesticulate nearby. Two little girls made a heart-shaped island with leaves around it, which looked like an island in the sea. The daughter was inspired and inserted the two ends of the grass stem into the sand. She said it was a rainbow. They also dug out swimming pools, built bridges and roads, one afternoon, they all focused on building and creating. There are no adults with 'dirty clothesIt has been too long since children in cities have left the land. They seem to have gradually lost the ability to get close to nature. I often find that when my daughter goes to the countryside, she feels uncomfortable with a little mud on her feet. When playing in the sand, two little girls started to stand by and watch. I asked them why they didn't join. They said they were worried about getting their clothes dirty and being scolded by their mothers when they went home. Mothers always like to take their children to the children’s playground in the mall. If you have witnessed those long-term non-sterilized toys, airtight rooms, noisy music and some parents yelling and scolding in a confined environment, stay away from those places. Bar. In contrast, places closer to nature, such as Chashan, Bamboo Sea, and parks with lakes, may be farther away and have fewer children, but there is no need to worry about the tension and anxiety caused by the urban environment. Society, learn social life. For children before the age of 7, a harmonious family atmosphere and harmonious parent-child relationship can bring the child the greatest sense of security. When he is full of confidence and is ready to go to the outside world, it will be natural. Looking back, similar to sand, wood, water, cloth, and stones, these natural materials 'toys' can bring unlimited creativity to children. They are the basic materials for creating the world. Children use chairs to make a 'car'. 'It is more valuable than buying him a remote-controlled toy car directly. The world that children see now is shaped by adults. They still have an imaginary world in their hearts. The finished toys are rudely shaping the world in their hearts, but who can guarantee that they can’t create a better one. Car and house.
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