The figurines should pay attention to three topics

by:Ennas      2021-07-30
Summary: with the development of social economy, urban figurines more and more, also more and more strange, but it is more and more empty content, lack of soul. Fountain manufactory through years of small statue set up with the development of social economy, urban figurines more and more, appearance is becoming more and more strange, but the content is more and more hollow, the lack of soul. Fountain manufactory through small statue design experience for many years, found that now city figurines lack the three main elements: 'public'; 'Culture'; 'The mass'. Now widespread phenomenon is that the rack figurine with white marble railings city landscape concept of figurines are confused, especially in some of our exhibition or commenting on city figurines, were often experts in some creative shelf figurine, at the same time in our side has stood up small statue of the so-called city, is also enlarged the rack figurines, really was a city, there are few figurines of excellent works and therefore fountain manufactory think should strengthen the publicity of city figurines. Another city figurine is a content of public art, but small statue is not only a city landscape, with the rising of the people for environmental requirements, city figurines in relation with environmental requirements of publicity is also more and more high, but also, along with the people in modern society for the continuous improvement of spiritual and cultural needs, city figurines in the cultural publicity requirements are also increasing. In order to meet the people should be added to the requirement of environment of the city small statue of 'culture'. Finally also established small city sculpture creation of public awareness, the flag tower of white marble statuettes artists are not required to blindly cater to the tastes of the public, but for a small statue of the artist's city figurine art creation should not only reflects the strong personal style, at the same time must also be able to guide the public aesthetic consciousness and regional culture characteristics of the masses.
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