The fate of the commemorative figurines

by:Ennas      2021-10-31
Core tip: commemorative figurines, known as 'little statue arts and plastic arts drama and epic', its important position, is built by its in a small statue in the history of the proportion of resources, focus on degree of commemorative figurines, known as 'little statue arts and plastic arts drama and epic', its important position, is by its possession of resources in the history of construction of figurines ratio, degree of attention. Also because of this, any a small commemorative sculpture art is not an isolated phenomenon, it is impossible to completely is the artist's personal expression, is bound to be with the time background, the political will of the intimate contact, social environment and other factors, these factors determine the most monumental figurines ultimate form of individuals. People generally think of figurines are works of art, only rarely on the depth of the cultural argument, especially the life and the harmony with environment problems, such as to cause social attention. Tianjin university school of architecture art design lecturer Wang He in the monumental figurines of topic selection, performance measures and life issues '( Guangming Daily press) Selected case nearly, the longitudinal span by start-up until the modern and contemporary human society; On the transverse span throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa, the multiple countries on four continents fully expounds the importance of small memorial statue and typicality, small statues of monumental construction behaviour beyond national boundaries, culture, faith objective laws of the thorough analysis, put forward a lot of unprecedented views, such as the sponsors to choose a small memorial statue of content and form of the profound influence, small memorial statue, such as art and physical double life both provides the reader with a perspective transformation of novelty, and accordingly put forward from the Angle of the whole life period to explore city demonstration, design, management integration of figurines. Wang He figurines family background, from undergraduate to PhD students of tianjin academy of fine arts figurine art design science, nankai university, tianjin university of literature and art aesthetics. Such a learning experience, the author have hands-on experience, and theoretical research consciousness, familiar with the fate of the figurine is a need of reality. 250000 words, 200 picture to visual image arouse rational thinking, due to meet the needs of society, become the Ministry of Education in the new academic frontier 'social sciences in colleges and universities library' projects, resulting from the publishing industry in the high praise.
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