The famous chinese-american artist Lin Maya Lin 21 first solo exhibition in Hong Kong

by:Ennas      2021-08-15
Core tip: Lin, 2016. 01. 22 - 2016. 03. 12 pace, entertainment, 30 in the queen's road, central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong line 15 c chinese-american architect, artist Lin ( 林璎) Maya Lin 2016 solo exhibition in Hong Kong for the first time. 01. 22 - 2016. 03. 12 pace, entertainment, 30 in the queen's road, central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong line 15 cportant; 词, 包装:打破- 词! 重要; '/> chinese-american architect, artist Lin ( 林璎) First solo exhibition in Hong Kong on January 21, Thursday night at 6 in the pace gallery opened in Hong Kong. The solo exhibition will showcase Lin figurines and installation, show his unique perspective to explore the world of creative practice, the expression of artists continued attention to natural ecological issues. Lin is a famous American architect, artist, has been the 'LIFE' magazine '100 americans' in the 20th century the most important. Her culture and family background, politicians, diplomats Lin Changmin granddaughter, women of the republic of Lin huiyin's niece. During studying in Yale university, the age of 21, Lin to design the Vietnam veterans memorial ( 越南老兵纪念碑) , who rose to fame as the subject of the documentary 'the Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision', won the Oscar for best documentary award. While Lin's other works such as the American civil rights memorial is representative works of architectural design. Lin as subject of the documentary 'the Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision' won the academy award for best documentary Maya Lin love of art and achievements as buildings, for her 'art of architecture such as writing A novel, such as writing poetry', and art to show her more completely self. Her art works are exhibited in numerous institutions around the world, by including the New York times, time magazine and other authoritative media widely reported. In 2009, Lin was awarded the medal of national art, decorated by US President barack Obama, it is also the official to the artist's highest honor. Maya Lin continuous attention to ecological problems in the work in recent years, with a small statues and paintings to show natural appearance, will be 'invisible' clever into people can feel the world pattern of art. Her works perfectly rational and the integration of aesthetic feeling, using the means of science and technology studies natural and geographical landscape, natural appearance of the abstract into a single materials such as marble, wood, silver or iron, breaking the two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, built with history, time and space, technology and language associated with a unique landscape. 安装的exhibitionPlatform:林璎,帕里什艺术博物馆,水磨,纽约,7月4日到2014年10月13日。 礼貌佩斯画廊,纽约。 Photo: Gary Mamay the exhibition of 'Disappearing Bodies Water' series, with multiple layers of vermont marble to showcase the salt sea lake Chad in Africa, the arctic ice and central Asia fade over time. The shape of each layer of marble water shrinking from satellite images. These natural landscape with the natural or man-made destruction to change the appearance, even disappearing gradually, and this group of little statue became the evidence they had ever existed, has become a natural monument. 林璎:水的历史,奥兰多的艺术博物馆,2015年©林璎,礼貌佩斯画廊。 On display at the same time series of works on paper the Fractured Landscapes 'from the artist to press in waxed paper of color on the glass pieces of the creation, the work to imitate nature the process of creation and destruction, created by changing the material, to construct a new landscape, looks as if is purely abstract works, but also arouse the people to the river estuary, mire, islands, such as memory and reflection of the water system landscape. And installation on the wall of the Silver Rivers 'and' Pin Rivers 'series with the recovery of Silver and Pin to present different form of water system in the vertical Angle, river water system of interconnection and dynamic figurines. Silver Niagara, 2012- 2013年,回收银。 ©林璎,礼貌佩斯画廊。 克里瑞安McFate摄影。 'I'm starting a very complex scientific data, through visual processing reduction process, to find a form of optimal proportion and the simplest form, to show the bright eyes are convincing landscape again. When describe the creative process, 'Lin said,' the need to find a balance between scientific data and manual creation. 'The Hong Kong's solo exhibition will bring Lin works depicting the main rivers in China, by the artist's iconic material using the technique to show the distinctive landscape of river natural appearance. Exhibition will be held in late January 21, 2016-6 At 8 at the opening reception, and continues to display to the public on March 12. Artist profile, Maya Lin Lin, b。 1959, the United States) Lin is a famous chinese-american architect, artist. She was the 'LIFE' magazine '100 americans' in the 20th century the most important, and in 2009 was awarded the medal of national art, decorated by US President barack Obama. Maya Lin's work throughout the United States, including big environmental art installation, architectural works and public monuments, etc. Blue Lake Pass, duraflake particleboard, 2006 flow, FSC certified spruce, pine and fir, 2009 developed Point 11, blown glass, 2007 Blue Wave, crystal, latitude 2013 New York City, Vermont Danby -say, 2013 Lin at the scene of the solo exhibition of Perth in New York
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