The export volume of wooden toys and musical instruments in Changshu area hits the highest level in the same period in history

by:Ennas      2021-12-03

According to the statistics of Jiangsu Changshu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the first quarter of this year, the Changshu area exported 539433 wooden toy musical instruments with a value of US$2.677 million, an increase of 23% and 32% respectively over the same period last year, the highest level in the same period in history. . Changshu is the main production area for exporting wooden toys in Jiangsu. In recent years, despite the influence of factors such as the international economy, domestic labor, raw materials, and the appreciation of the renminbi, exports of wooden toys and musical instruments from the region have maintained rapid growth. There are four main reasons for this: First, the industry clusters are obvious. Changshu has a long history in Zhangqiao Town, the 'hometown of musical instruments'. There are 10 wooden toy companies with a complete industrial chain; the second is the increase in hardware investment. In recent years, companies have made major investments in both production plants and equipment, especially the introduction of automatic paint sprayers, automatic gluing machines, etc., which not only improved product quality, but also increased production efficiency; third, improved quality control, after Over the years of development, the company’s awareness of quality and safety has continued to increase, and the concept of “winning by quality” has basically taken shape. The original workshop-style management has gradually transformed into modern and scientific management. 10 companies have obtained ISO9000 certification and obtained export toy registration. Registration; the fourth is to improve the ability to deal with technical trade measures. In response to the increasing number of foreign technical regulations on children’s toys, and the frequent occurrence of children’s toy recalls in China, enterprises in this region communicate with inspection and quarantine departments and invite well-known experts to train enterprises and obtain relevant information in a timely manner , So as to enhance the ability of enterprises to deal with foreign technical trade measures.
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