The export of wooden toys must apply for the export toy quality license

by:Ennas      2021-12-02

The wooden toy export enterprises in the area under the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau gather, and the export of products continues to grow. Wooden toys have become the local pillar industry. Most of the export wooden toy companies in the jurisdiction only apply for bamboo and wood toys, and only a few companies have applied for the quality license of ride-on toys based on their own business characteristics. Children's bicycles, rocking horses, rocking carts and other products are ride-on toys, so they can only be exported after obtaining a quality license for export ride-on toys. A few days ago, the staff of Lishui Bureau inspected a batch of wooden toy products declared to be exported to the Netherlands by an enterprise in the jurisdiction and found that the batch of goods contained 256 boxes (512) of assembled wooden baby carriages, which the company handled There is no export license for such ride-on toys on the export toy quality license. According to the national administrative examination and approval regulations, the export of wooden toys requires a quality license for export toys. For this reason, Lishui Bureau reminds the wooden toy export enterprises in the jurisdiction to carefully understand the relevant laws and regulations of inspection and quarantine, pay attention to the scope of the license, apply for the administrative license in time, complete the license renewal work on schedule, and avoid the export caused by license issues. loss.
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