The export hat green paint coating organotin was detected to have a serious migration exceeding the standard

by:Ennas      2021-11-29

Recently, when the Xiangzhou Office of Zhuhai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau took samples for a toy company's quality license renewal, it was found that the amount of organotin in the green paint coating of a hat was seriously exceeding the standard, which exceeded the standard limit by 19 times and was not eligible for export. According to the requirements of the European Union, the Office has taken active measures to help companies investigate and make corrections and avoid export risks. It is reported that the PVC hat discovered by the Xiangzhou office has undergone migration test of 19 toxic elements in accordance with EN71-3: 2013. The migration of organotin in the green paint coating has been found to exceed the standard. The test result is 228mg/kg, which exceeds the standard limit. 19 times, the inspection and quarantine staff immediately sampled other types of PVC coated products from the company, and also detected that the amount of coated organotin migration exceeded the standard. However, the six main color systems of the company’s inventory inks and the screen printing process used All of the thinner water, boiling oil water, photosensitive emulsion, sealing glue, cyclohexanone, etc. were tested for sealing samples, and they were all qualified. What is the reason that the raw materials involved in the product are all qualified but the finished product is unqualified? In order to find out the reason in depth, the company inspected the raw and auxiliary materials and production utensils in the production process under the guidance of the inspection and supervision personnel of the Xiangzhou office, and finally found that the excessive pollutants came from the plastic buckets and plastics used for holding and taking the thinner. Cup. Since most toys have a wide variety of paint coatings and the area is not large and difficult to scratch, supervisors often take paint raw materials directly from the warehouse instead of coating testing when inspecting and sampling. It is easy to overlook processes such as oil spraying, pad printing or silk screen printing. Other pollution problems that may be caused during the production process and the transshipment process. The inspection and quarantine department reminds enterprises that they should pay attention to and prevent similar pollution problems that may occur in the production process, require quality control and production management personnel to be familiar with the performance and storage and use requirements of various chemicals used in the production process, and use qualified and controlled principles. Auxiliary materials, production tools, and turnover containers to avoid product contamination.
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