The explosive growth of this kind of toys in 2020, which new products in 2021 will become 'explosive models'?

by:Ennas      2022-02-05
Children's puzzle board games help parent-child interaction, exercise in games, and improve children's various abilities. In 2020, the epidemic will drive the explosive growth of board games. NPD Group data shows that in 2020, the game category of the US toy market increased by 29% year-on-year. In addition, according to financial report data, toy giant Hasbro's game category sales in 2020 increased by 15% year-on-year. In 2021, many toy manufacturers will launch a variety of new children's educational board game toys, which reflect the new characteristics of children's educational board games in three aspects: thinking training, knowledge enlightenment and integration with popular IP. 01 Thinking training enhances logical reasoning and other abilities. Toy manufacturers aim to improve children's logical reasoning, spatial imagination and other abilities. They attract the target by means of graphic matching, geometric shape combinations and other forms, with original illustration style patterns, portable suits that can be played at any time, etc. crowd. ▌Hape Pocket Toys series portable board game of Three-Men Chess u0026 Snake Box: Exercise logical thinking and strategic operation skills. Three-Men Chess and Snake chess interactive competition, exercise logical thinking and strategy application skills during play, iron box storage, portable Have fun. Suitable age: 3 years old and above ▌ Djeco Animal House Flip Music: Identify the same pattern elements and enhance observation. Djeco Animal House Flip Music, with the theme of helping small animals go home, find each small animal by identifying the same pattern elements At home, children’s keen observation and logical matching abilities can be exercised during play. The cute French patterns can also help children understand animal life knowledge. Suitable age: 2 years old and above ▌ Milu logical thinking monster: from shallow to deep, improve logical thinking ability This thinking training board game adopts a magnetic design, according to the background color and shape on the question card, choose the right piece to enter the level In the card, the color and shape are matched to be considered as a pass. There are 56 levels, divided into 1-4 advanced challenges, from simple to difficult, improving logical thinking ability, creating a unique medal-like ability tracking system, recording each step of growth, and advocating encouraging education. Suitable age: 5 years old and above ▌ Melody Childhood Penguin Space Box: Advanced exercise and improvement of spatial thinking. The Penguin Space Box contains a small penguin doll and a variety of geometric shapes of red, yellow and blue building blocks. Children need to follow the question card The pattern is assembled to form the correct pattern. The four levels of advanced difficulty range from simple to complex, with a total of 64 levels. From the clear positional relationship to the complex azimuth interlacing, you can exercise spatial thinking while playing. Suitable age: 2 years old and above 02 Knowledge enlightenment combines a variety of knowledge in the game theme design. Toy manufacturers combine nature, mathematics, physics and other knowledge in the game theme design to allow children to learn and understand related knowledge content during the play. , Increase knowledge and increase understanding of the surrounding world. ▌ Bioviva Nature Challenge Series: Learn about nature through competition. Bioviva is a French board game brand. This nature challenge series includes Asia, Africa, America, Oceania, Europe, dinosaurs, space and other different themes. . Each theme contains 36 animal cards. Each card is a file card of an animal. It not only contains the real photo and various information of the animal, but also identifies its endangered degree. Players need to compare the characteristics of animals, and the child with the strongest animal will win the cards of other players. Suitable age: 7 years old and above ▌ HABA counting fun: through the game mechanism design, improve mathematics cognition and calculation ability. This math enlightenment board game, with the theme of feeding farm animals, uses the patterns of the animals on the dice to calculate the corresponding on the game board The number of animals can be fed when the four-leaf clover pattern is thrown. Through clever game mechanisms, children are repeatedly encouraged to perform arithmetic movements to improve mathematical cognition and calculation ability. Suitable age: 2 years old and above▌ Smart Game Jack and the Magic Bean: Understanding the phenomenon of gravity in the game This board game is based on the classic story 'Jack and the Magic BeanAfter the pieces are placed, they will be turned and rolled down, and the final pattern will be consistent with the pattern in the level to pass the level. In the game, players can understand and recognize the phenomenon of gravity, improve planning ability and spatial imagination. Suitable age: 4-7 years old 03 Combine with popular IP to enhance game themes. Fun toy manufacturers combine game themes with different popular IPs to launch new IP-themed board games to enhance the fun of playing. ▌ Asmodee Dabao Pixar Edition: With the theme of Pixar animated characters, it brings more intimacy to the game. Dabao is a visual perception card game, containing 55 cards, more than 50 patterns, each card There are 8 patterns drawn, and there is only one set of the same pattern between any two cards. Players compete with each other to find the same set of patterns on the two cards as soon as possible. Dabao and Pixar Animation Studio are linked to bring familiar Pixar animated characters to the Dabao game, bringing a sense of intimacy and familiarity to the player's game process. Suitable age: 4 years old and above▌ Yokakids Variety School Bus Fire Fighting General Mobilization: Cultivating fire safety awareness in the game Variety School Bus Fire Fighting General Mobilization, taking fire safety as the theme, through answering questions, let children learn about fire protection knowledge and improve their cognitive ability , Cultivate children's awareness of fire safety. Suitable age: 4 years old and above ▌ ThinkFun Minecraft: Achieve clearance goals based on clues and deductive reasoning skills. This board game with the theme of the game 'Minecraft' contains 40 challenge levels, which are given according to each challenge card The clues, infer the correct arrangement of the 9 game pieces on the 3*3 game board, improve deductive reasoning ability and cultivate reverse thinking ability during the game. Suitable age: These toy manufacturers over 8 years old will launch new children's educational board games in 2021. Which ones are you optimistic about?
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