The evolution of seek '- — A small statue of rotors

by:Ennas      2021-10-01
Core tip: by the federation of literature and art, the wuxi city jiangnan university design institute, in wuxi city artists association and bukchang door life art centre to undertake 'shape seek - — Rotors in wuxi city, a small statue of the federation of literature and art, jiangnan university design institute, in wuxi city artists association and bukchang door life art centre to undertake 'shape seek - — Rotors of A small statue 'exhibition opening ceremony, on the afternoon of November 22, 2014, in the center of the bukchang art life held A library on the third floor, wuxi municipal party committee propaganda department, city Wen Guangxin bureau, municipal federation, jiangnan university design institute, the city society, bukchang brilliant creative industrial park and other related department leaders will attend the opening ceremony. The exhibition, on display professor rotors a nearly a decade figurines creative achievements, and going after 30 years of art event in the award-winning works at home and abroad, works about 50 pieces, and held 'professor rotors a seminar on academic achievement', etc. Prof xu types including dehua porcelain figurines work model series, image series of purple clay figurine, mix build creative series of figurines, public city series of figurines, huishan clay figurine new series and so on. 2010, rotors bukchang life art center in the ancient canal bank founded 'figurines studio', small statues rooted in the Chinese traditional culture, wuxi rich clay figurine excavated and purple sand culture, to 'carry forward the city public art, and cultivate new art' as own duty, actively create, delving into, successively in bukchang life art center, planning and successful organizations hold 'plastic mud casting the soul - — Wuxi first small sculpture exhibition ', 'and while its life - — 2012 young and middle-aged figurines home works invitational exhibition in jiangsu province, '2013 wuxi figurines home art invitational exhibition', etc. , and chief editor and write the rotors a corpus into a set, a DE is the ( Ceramic art history, the two volumes) , the plastic mud casting the soul - — Wuxi figurines, and while its life - — Jiangsu figurines home directory, the rotors a talk about the sketch, 'wuxi art', 'sincere a small statue. The figurine bukchang door 'is published as wuxi city artists association, vice chairman and secretary general, rotors in teaching, cultivating talents of art at the same time, more actively organize figurines home youth in wuxi, take part in the national various art exhibitions. On December 30, 2014, will be held in nanjing, jiangsu modern art gallery 'embrace park keep true - — Wuxi statuettes show ', which is also the first time in wuxi figurines field in the provincial capital cities, on behalf of wuxi figurines highest level, the highest level of figurines event. Rotors one introduction: rotors one, born in 1959, in wuxi city, jiangsu province. Graduated from nanjing art institute in 1987, liu haisu scholarship. Design of jiangnan university college professors, tutors of responsibility, public art and art director besides. Member of Chinese artists association. The national urban figurines construction guidance committee. Jiangsu province artist association, deputy director of the figurine art. Jiangsu province, deputy director of professional committee of ceramic art. Wuxi city artists association, vice chairman and secretary general. Hold the city figurine design qualification certificate. His works 'hope' won the 9th national arts exhibition silver ( Gold medal gap) By Shanghai Oriental art museum collection. 'Boxing', 'sumo to play', 'we won the', 'ground force' in the third, four, six, seven Olympic sports art, etc. , the distant tweedle - — Bing impression 'in' the 11th national arts exhibition 'and Shanghai Oriental palace' splendid China 'national art invitational exhibition,' bing 'walking won' CCTV figurines contest 'academy award, selected contemporary Chinese freehand brushwork statuettes show.
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