The evaluation system of baby products distributors will now help international brands efficiently plan the Chinese market

by:Ennas      2021-11-29

'It is impossible to talk about a truly international brand without being recognized by Chinese consumers.' With the rapid development of China's economy, this sentence has gradually been accepted by overseas brands, especially in the field of baby products, strollers, safety International brands in sub-categories such as seats, cribs, feeding, washing, and children's clothing have sprung up. But how to efficiently expand the Chinese market? How to evaluate the brand layout capabilities of partners? Where can I get in touch with many high-quality channel vendors? ...Become a common problem facing many international brands. High-quality channels are difficult to choose. International brand development costs remain high. With the continuous emergence of new technologies and new applications and the changing consumption habits of the new generation of childcare, the channel model of the baby products industry is also undergoing a period of rapid change, which is increasing the expansion of international brands in the Chinese market. The difficulty factor. In addition, my country’s baby products industry does not yet have a complete channel supplier evaluation system, especially for new international brands, the degree of grasp of the Chinese market is even less thorough, resulting in high investment costs. The era of 'the moon in the West is more round' is gone forever. It only has a brand aura and lacks effective channels to support it. If you intend to expand the Chinese market, it is tantamount to a dream. Industry observers pointed out that some international brands have taken advantage of their overseas operations to test the Chinese market. However, due to factors such as improper channel selection, brand recognition has grown slowly, and their reputation and loyalty have been greatly reduced. Brand marketing experts believe that in today's fierce competition, for international brands that have just laid out in the Chinese market, brand crisis public relations may be more difficult than brand building. The evaluation plan of infant and child channel business has surfaced to fill the industry vacuum. In order to help international brands solve the problems of market expansion and channel selection, the China Toys and Baby Products Association plans to take the lead in launching the evaluation of industry channel business from this year. In terms of agency situation, coverage of various channels, marketing experience and commercial credit, we will build an authoritative business reputation certification system in the industry, so as to provide excellent decision-making reference for international brands. It is understood that in 2008, the association successfully launched the 'Star Supplier Promotion Plan' in response to the purchase confusion of international buyers, and has accumulated a lot of mature experience in the construction of manufacturer evaluation standards and systems. In order to make the channel business evaluation work more authoritative and reference value, in the early stage of system construction, the association went to the United States, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong and other places to extensively listen to the recommendations of internationally renowned baby and child products brands. Through various channels such as questionnaire surveys and telephone communication, the opinions of international organizations and the media have been extensively solicited, and have been strongly recognized and supported. A senior executive of an international brand who has made considerable achievements in toiletries and care products said frankly that the current Chinese channel market needs to be regulated, and the new measures can enhance the confidence of international brands and increase the success rate of market deployment. International brands successfully compete for high-quality promotion resources. In addition to providing channel review and recommendation services, the China Toys and Baby Products Association also provides opportunities for international brands to meet with high-quality channel vendors and improve the effectiveness of in-depth cooperation. The exhibition co-sponsored the launch of China's only international baby and child products trade show-China Baby and Child Fair. It will be held from October 14th to 16th in 2014 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is worth mentioning that since the 2011 China Baby u0026 Children Fair became an independent exhibition, it has become a battleground for many international brands to enter the Chinese market due to its amazing growth rate and remarkable platform promotion effects. Currently, Zooper, NikeKids, Usbaby, LittleTikes, Germany Cybex, Kiddy, PumaKids, AdidasKds, Japan Pigeon, Takata, Leaman, France Renolux, UK Joie, Britax, Korea Bu0026B, Spain Babyauto, Norway Stokke, Netherlands Quinny, Switzerland M- More than a hundred international brands such as cro, as well as the German pavilion and the Korean pavilion, have rushed to book large-scale special booths before the New Year. In addition, during the exhibition, a 'Brand Merchants and Channel Merchants High-level Roundtable Conference' will be held to provide international brands with a unique opportunity for the collision of many high-level ideas in the actual layout of the market. For more details about the China Baby u0026 Children Fair, please call 010-66038881-221 or log on to to pre-register.
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