The EU puts forward higher requirements for the flammability of toy products

by:Ennas      2021-12-12

Recently, the EU non-food rapid warning system rapex issued the 26th week of 2014. 21 of the products notified this week were toys exported from mainland China, and 9 of them were notified because of their flammability. It is highly flammable. Children may injure the face and upper part of the head after igniting an open flame. There is a danger of burns. The product does not meet the requirements of the EU Toy Safety Directive and related standards en71-2:2011. en71-2: The 2011 'European Toy Safety Standard' was implemented in 2011. This standard stipulates the types of flammable materials that are forbidden to be used in toys and the flammability requirements for certain toys that come into contact with small sources of ignition. The test method for determining flammability is stipulated. Recently, the European Committee for Standardization issued a new revision of the en71-2 European toy safety and flammability standard. The new revision a1 will replace the existing version en71-2:2011 at the end of September this year. This standard indicates the types of flammable materials that are forbidden to be used in all toys, as well as the flammability requirements for certain toys in contact with small fire sources. The standard also includes new regulations for highly flammable liquids in olfactory board games, cosmetic sets, and taste games. In recent years, due to the frequent enhancement of quality standards by the European Union, incidents of warnings for design defects in my country's export toys have occurred from time to time. Judging from the current situation, with the gradual improvement of toy standards, the requirements and inspections for the flammability of toys have also increased. At the same time, flame retardants such as tcep, tcpp, tdc, etc. are further restricted, and the flammability of toy products has been improved. High demands. In this regard, it is recommended that relevant export companies: First, strengthen toy monitoring and early warning, keep abreast of the latest requirements of children’s toys for flammability-related standards, combine the actual situation of export products, conduct self-examination and rectification according to the new standards in advance, and strictly follow the regulations of the exporting country The design and production of products are required; the second is to analyze the risk points in the production process, focus on monitoring, update the production and processing technology of the products, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the products; the third is to strengthen communication with inspection and quarantine departments to obtain various types in time Relevant information, and timely improvement of the technical trade measures response mechanism.
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