The EU issues consumer warnings on a number of Chinese-made toys

by:Ennas      2022-01-03
News from our newspaper On January 13, the European Commission’s Rapid Non-Food Early Warning System (RAPEX) issued consumer warnings on a number of Chinese-made toys. These toys mainly include Diversity Fashion brand plastic dolls, M-Mountains China brand toy picnic suits, kaineng brand toy robots and toy guns, and fighter brand toy guns. The European Union issued a consumer warning. The main reason is that some small parts on these toys are easy to fall off, and children may suffocate if swallowed by mistake, which does not meet the requirements of the 'EU Toy Safety Directive' and the relevant European standard EN71-1.   In recent years, our country’s exported toys have been warned or recalled by foreign consumers for many times due to safety issues. Toy trading and processing enterprises should attach great importance to this. Jiangsu Wujiang Inspection and Quarantine reminds relevant companies that firstly, when developing and designing toys, they must not only consider the shape and function of the product, but also pay attention to the inspection standards of the importing country; secondly, strengthen the source control of raw and auxiliary materials, especially glue, paint and The management of small parts such as rivets ensures product quality and safety from the source; the third is to configure safety testing facilities, and if necessary, use the technical strength of third-party testing institutions and inspection and quarantine departments to ensure that products meet standard requirements.
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