The era of traditional e-commerce is over

by:Ennas      2021-12-27

On New Year’s Eve, national leaders delivered 2017 New Year messages through China Radio International, China National Radio, China Central Television, China International Television and the Internet. The phrase 'new the old together, and the day is not stagnant' mentioned in it has quickly become popular in the land of China. This sentence is not only applicable to social development and political change, but also to the baby and child products industry. Just a few years ago, the e-commerce economy rose rapidly and was unstoppable. Baby products are also taking advantage of this spring breeze to move forward. The price advantage of the B2B model seems to be the main guide of the baby and child market. Various baby and child product online stores have sprung up, and there is a major trend to replace physical entities and become the mainstream. However, in recent years, the growth of online consumption has shown a slowdown, almost 'halved' compared to three years ago. According to industry insiders, it will be difficult for e-commerce to continue to rely on price wars in the future, and the era of pure e-commerce will soon end. It is Jack Ma, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba who said this. At this time, the CKE China Baby u0026 Child Show brought a brand new force on the big stage of the 2017 baby and child industry. The organizers of the China Baby and Child Fair are the China Toys and Baby Products Association and the Cologne Exhibition in Germany. The association was originally established in 1986. 'PushThe 2017 CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair is more based on reality, and it has taken a step forward in terms of business model, resource allocation and service quality. New year resources are being updated. In the baby industry, brand resources and market information have become the key to success or failure. At last year's CKE China Baby and Child Exhibition, thousands of domestic and foreign brands were displayed on the same stage, and a large number of distributors and distributors found new directions for development here. . Past achievements have become medals and have been treasured, and this year's CKE China Baby Show will be more abundant. Pigeon, NUK, Liqier, Avent, Halosan, Eugenics, Rikang and other baby and child industries will actively participate in the exhibition. In a market where resources determine success or failure, China Baby u0026 Children Fair is already at the forefront. Resources are the foundation, and model innovation is the last word for development. In 2017, the CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair made a bold move forward, launching the B2B2C model, leading the new direction of the baby industry. The B2B2C model is essentially a breakthrough to the transmission e-commerce, closely connecting the various industrial chains of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. As a high-quality platform, CKE China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition has become a magical catalyst for the entire supply chain, accelerating the entire process of online virtual consumption from creating value-added to value realization. Re-integration of resources, this platform power enhances the service capabilities of the infant and child industry, and is more conducive to customers to obtain opportunities for added value. Promote the entire baby and child industry to develop in a more efficient and convenient direction. At the Yunqi Conference hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government and Alibaba Group, Ma Yun said that the era of pure e-commerce will soon end, and CKE China Baby u0026 Children Fair will comply with the market requirements of the times, strengthen the construction of the exhibition platform and become the terminator of the old era And the pioneers of the new era.
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