The engraving method of stainless steel relief and its manifestation

by:Ennas      2022-02-20
Stainless steel relief has a large proportion in the sculpture of the work. The sculptor needs to carve the pattern on another plane to make us look more three-dimensional, which also causes the relief to break away from the horizontal plane of the original material. Beijing stainless steel relief sculpture below The manufacturer will introduce you to the engraving method of stainless steel relief and its expression form.    One, the method of stainless steel relief engraving 1. Relief engraving compression means that a solid space is assumed to have three axes, X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, of which X-axis It is the vertical axis, the Y axis is the horizontal axis, and the Z axis is the depth axis stainless steel sculpture. When making reliefs, keep the X axis and Y axis unchanged, and compress the Z axis and compress all of the above on a plane. How to keep the X, Y, and axis unchanged, first carefully prepare the manuscript, and then apply a layer of soil to a point farther from you, and then paint a three-layer product on the closer point Soil, if you are doing something close to a round sculpture, the same is true, but don't forget to reduce the ratio of the Z axis at any time.   2, use illusion: This method is often used in multi-layered, more complex compositions, and it is often high. The expression methods of medium and low relief are used at the same time. It is more common that the foreground figures use the embossing method. As the scene goes on, it becomes more and more flat, until the background only needs to be portrayed a little. It needs to be clear.   ①High relief may come from the feeling of the back of the stainless steel sculpture object,   ②The middle relief should be compressed to one-half of the Z axis,   ③The bas-relief may generally be compressed to one-tenth, using the thickness The difference is to use the human visual illusion to push the objects behind to the front when necessary, or even on a plane.   3, the outer contour starting refers to the front and back contours at the junction of the outer contour and the background and the vertical height of the background. The position is called the starting position. When observing and studying other people's relief works, pay special attention to how these connections are processed on one side of the relief to observe how the artist handles the small changes and how to make the distant ones. The eye just came out from under the eyebrow pencil. This starting technique is very important in relief. It can distance the subject from the background, giving the relief a three-dimensional impression and showing multiple levels.    Two, stainless steel relief Forms of expression 1. Mainly include alcove, high relief, bas-relief, thread carving, hollowing and other forms.    2. Ancient Chinese grotto sculptures can be summarized as shrine sculptures. According to different modeling techniques, they can be divided into realism, decoration and abstraction. Three categories.   3, bas-relief compression, small undulations, it maintains a kind of architectural plane, and has a certain sense of volume and undulation.   4, high-relief refers to the compression of small and large undulations, close to circular reliefs, and even It is a form of semi-circular relief sculpture. This relief sculpture has a strong contrast between light and darkness and outstanding visual effects.    5. Line sculpture is a combination of painting and sculpture. Fiberglass sculpture believes that it is produced by light and shadow, and even has some subtle fluctuations. It gives a sense of elegance and subtlety.   6. Hollow carving is to remove the so-called embossed floor, thereby generating various negative spaces, and the contour lines of the negative space and the positive space have The rhythm of mutual conversion. This technique was often used on door and window railing furniture, and some can provide viewing on both sides.    The above content is the introduction of the stainless steel relief carving method and its expression form brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer. I hope I can help you.    Beijing Sculpture Company is a comprehensive sculpture manufacturer engaged in sculpture design, production and installation. It is committed to fiberglass sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, casting sculpture, forging sculpture, relief sculpture, rockery plastic stone, figure sculpture , Spirit Fortress and other diversified urban sculptures, garden sculptures, landscape sculpture products design and production of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture manufacturers and installation and production of stainless steel sculptures, and dedicated to provide you with high-quality all-round sculpture production design and glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture prices and stainless steel sculpture prices Quotation service.
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