The end of the year is here again, how to give gifts to customers?

by:Ennas      2022-02-13

1. Gifts to customers are divided into several types:    1. Practical types: pens, notebooks, ties, wallets, perfumes, lighters, various rackets, etc. are the most commonly used, understand customer hobbies and personality, and serve them. it is good. Customers are more receptive and can slowly build good relationships.  2. Decoration type: desk calendar, lucky cat (similar to a mascot with cows and sheep), 'crystal decorations   This type is mostly used in the initial contact stage to give the customer a good feeling, but because the gift does not have much practical and economic value, it will not leave a deep impression on the customer. At the critical stage of making a list, this kind of gifts is still avoided, saving waste. 3. Token type: transportation cards (of course they are valued), mobile phone recharge cards, various supermarket vouchers, and the benefits of such gifts needless to say. It is convenient for the sender, and it is a rare good thing to hold. !  4. Luxury: watches, high-end gifts, the list has reached a critical time, when do you not want to sell at this time? However, remember that you must figure out the 'hobbies' of your customers in order to do what you like.  2. Analysis of the customer's attitude towards gifts:   1. Face-saving type: This type of customer feels that someone gives him something, and has a special face in front of family and friends. Attention should be paid to the items that can be delivered, such as those that can be taken home in large and small bags during the New Year and holidays; what is commonly used in daily life, deliberately or unintentionally, say to relatives and friends: 'suppliersThings, think for yourself.  2. Affordable type: This kind of customer is just cooking dumplings in a teapot-just know it well, let's get some affordable ones.  3. Taking the opportunity to lay eggs: This type of customer is more difficult to deal with, but fortunately, his requirements are generally not too over budget.  4. Lion mouth type: This type is usually the key figure of a certain order.  3. Ways and methods to give gifts:   1. Take them directly to the client company and give them to me.  2, hand it over to the secretary or the front desk to transfer (of course pay attention to the packaging, not to leave it out).   3. Express! (Also pay attention to the packaging problem)   4. Ask the customer to come out and sit, and deliver it at the same time. 5. Sending to a third party who has a close relationship with the customer and is assured. These methods are comprehensively considered based on the value of the gift, the level of the character, and the criticality of the matter. (It's important to think in another place). Remember, if you don't send it in person, you must make a call afterwards to express or imply this!
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