The dynasty blue and white porcelain appraisal _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-08-27
Core tip: hongwu concept of blue and white porcelain is in recent decades. 1964 nanjing Ming palace ruins, jingdezhen pearl hill kiln site in the early 1980 s and the 1984 Beijing 4 construction site of the original concept of the dynasty blue and white porcelain is only in recent decades. 1964 nanjing Ming palace ruins, jingdezhen pearl hill kiln site in the early 1980 s and the 1984 Beijing palace 4 construction site of the original warehouse site unearthed Ming porcelain pieces, only to cause the attention of some ancient ceramics researchers. Really began to systematically study is jingdezhen in 1994 bead mountain after Ming guan kiln site of science. With blue and white porcelain pieces of unearthed a large number of hongwu, the researchers to some handed down the dynasty blue-and-white ware and yuan blue and white and blue and white distinguish yongle, therefore, people began to understand daming HongWuChao porcelain wares. Because only a little, and met the real people, less so, hongwu blue-and-white ware appraisal is not familiar for people. In the collection, identification, the dynasty blue-and-white ware what are the characteristics of the must master? I thought I can pay attention to the following several aspects: first, the shape. For the existing data, HongWuChao shape of the invasion of blue and white porcelain, even more than yuan blue and white. Cover can have up to 65 cm, for example, more than the diameter of the disc in 40 ~ 45 cm, some 56 cm, has a diameter of 40 cm bowl of the sea, a small lamp of caliber incredibly close to 20 cm. This is actually a new dynasty grand verve in wares produced in reaction. Hongwu porcelain wall more thick, more overall give a person a kind of magnificent real feeling. Second, the blue and white color. On blue and white color, blue and white than yuan blue and white and then the permanent mission of hongwu porcelain, bright flash ash or nearly black, there is a feeling of powder coatings has been water flushing, material under strong crystallization has brown spots and natural concave. Small implements quietly elegant of color is beautiful. Some people think that the hongwu cobalt blue and white for domestic material, but by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai silicate determination, its green material composition and the yuan blue and white is not. Of course, the people of the kiln production amount of daily small implements green material does not belong to this column. Three, fettling process. On the fettling process, the dynasty blue and white porcelain has the obvious difference with the yuan blue and white, to the yuan dynasty artifacts foot walls inclined cut sliced, the bottom has a flat white sand bottom, also have painted a layer of maroon tire juice, some have obvious scar and light orange, but his hand feeling smooth. There are quite a few items at the bottom of the glazing, changed the habit of yuan dynasty more not glazing. Disc class implements some inner bottom flat, some slightly subsidence, surrounding the slightly raised. Fourth, painting subjects. Hongwu blue-and-white chooses decorative pattern and adjacent dynasty compared before and after appear drab, more for the four seasons flower, flat chrysanthemum lines using the most, is also used by some animal print, such as phoenix grain, etc. African is five claws, more different from yuan dynasty three jaw, four claws. In addition, garden stone, stone columns plantain, lake, poetic, mandarin duck ponds, ganoderma lucidum, etc are also common. Conventional yuan dynasty drama story, algae fish is very rare. Compared with the design of yuan dynasty, hongwu blue and white has been shown to own some times characteristics, such as grain level began to decrease, camellia leaves and stems in in white coloring, passion leaves and peony blade generally smaller, thin, and generate deformation, some leaves have obvious its appearance. Fifth, China clay raw material. HongWuQi regardless of the kiln and kiln, its use of China clay in the raw material is very good, but the raw material than ever and xuan and after all the fine, the people there are always some impurity on the kiln implements tire body. Hongwu implements dew tire place has flint red appear more, some color heavier. General said flint red heavy objects early times. Hongwu imperial wares tire material level of processing from the yuan dynasty had improved obviously, so the child seriously reduce the pore, and yuan blue and white to the wall and the outsole is common irregular pores. Implements the white tire less, some child is gray, but are relatively smooth feel. Implements tire bottom has a small amount of ferric oxide black yellow defect, occasional small pieces of kiln slag adhesion, high power under the magnifying glass observation, tire body has obvious moist feeling. Six, glaze. Hongwu blue glaze is yuan blue and white thick. Because of glaze formula or concentration, implements the obvious surface often appear in the glaze spot and brown eyes. There are two kinds of common glaze, a relatively smooth, bright the other is from the yuan dynasty, duck egg blue, the feeling is, as egg white glaze, glazed bright enough. Seven, TiKuan. Blue and white imperial wares has not seen years hongwu, so rely on years of dating is not reliable. Shanghai museum in possession of a blue and white plum bottle hongwu, shoulder the seal character 'spring shou' 2 words, almost alone. Folk kiln porcelain wares also not seen years. Hongwu blue and white porcelain is rare, mainly is the only too few and far between. In the Forbidden City old Tibet can be concluded that the hundreds of pieces of Ming dynasty porcelain, but more than 20 pieces of blue and white porcelain, nearly ten years in pat on field appearance really qualified hongwu the whole device is also a handful of blue and white porcelain, socially collection hongwu blue and white porcelain is rare. Second, it is an important part of Chinese ancient ceramics in the history of the future, is blue and white and the xuan yuan important transitional type between blue and white, so, the dynasty porcelain, especially the blue and white porcelain has a high research and collection value. At an auction and private sometimes also can see it.
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