The development trend of home decoration arts and crafts

by:Ennas      2021-08-21
Household adornment, can be said to be the people to see, every day in & other; Light is repaired, heavy adornment & throughout; Today, often have the effect that make the finishing point, home decoration home decoration has improved people's living environment to enhance people's aesthetic taste. Played a big role in our daily life, is also a popular home decoration market, but its market is also change very fast, the market trend of the development of home decoration? Roughly the following several aspects: trend: environmental protection is the pursuit of forever household act the role ofing is tasted in the environmental protection consciousness of people is higher and higher today, people are turning to more healthy, more natural way of life, the concept of green environmental protection has become a constant theme in the household tide. Experts point out that the United States environmental protection agency, the chemicals in the household environment may affect human health, such as common in household appliances, furniture and even clothes of flame retardant on the human central nervous system damage. As a result, many brands play an important role in the marketing environment. Experts point out that in 2015 the environmental protection consciousness of people will only strengthen, not abate, because environmental protection is the foundation of the household life quality improvement. According to the relevant person in charge of China decoration association, the consumer in home outfit process, pay more attention to the green environmental protection, mostly engaged in home decoration design, environmental protection consciousness is stronger, decoration construction often only please based decoration, decoration companies do advocate material used and the configuration of furniture are buying their own. Just pop the enemy but classic, a lot of new jewelry after high rapid decline in the household, this not only hit the credibility of merchants, also hit consumer confidence and enthusiasm, and the rich cultural connotation of the traditional foreign original accessories by the designers and urban white-collar love. Whether in Africa or southeast wind wind, fusion of traditional handicraft raw decorations are sought after by the present urban white-collar. 5 watts, this product is currently only in the experimental stage. Predictably, the future energy-saving household items will be gradually into a trend, energy saving products like power floor if can enter the ordinary common people, in energy conservation and environmental protection at the same time, also can greatly reduce household consumption expenditure. But should not be ignored is that energy saving products if the cost is higher, it will become the bottleneck of restrict its popularization. Is accepted by people, for example, as the most energy-saving household products, solar water heater has been successfully developed for many years, but due to high prices and use is convenient wait for a problem has yet to gain widespread popularity. Consumers said, the solar energy water heater in the home is not too good. “ Don't have hot water bath, summer without sunshine in the winter not enough hot water heater. ” Energy saving is certainly the trend of social development, at present difficult to widely use the reason lies in the consciousness of consumers may also stay in accepting education phase, at the same time the price of energy saving product category is not much, higher factors also restricts the development of energy-saving household products. Trend 3: new products, creative, full of personalized home decoration popular understands from building materials market, the price is relatively cheap creative building materials gradually favored by people, such as in the building materials market pattern due to the emergence of new small ceramic tile lively and interesting, can be combined randomly pick pack and the price is not high and is popular among young owner. 2009 household industry, the main competition will turn to two types of market, price moderate, high value-added household products will be easier to occupy the market. At the same time level and design quality, the more of the importance of the designer, design of choose and buy products, to look for a excellent designer outstanding decoration enterprise, to explore excellent design become the premise of a family to decorate household. Trend 4: economic, practical demand for home decoration as a professional stylist proposal home decoration, practical is not equal to simple, more is not equal to no style, consumers will choose to decorate a style that oneself like, such as Chinese, Japanese, concise and simple European style and pastoral style, using simple materials, simplify the shape, color and soft outfit furniture collocation, inexpensive will make home appears pure and fresh and natural. Golden fortune creation arts and crafts is with consumers pace, have developed many practical home furnishing articles, such as wine racks, brush pot, jar, etc. , is popular with consumers in the market. We it is not hard to see from the above points, the development trend of home decoration, is people-oriented, with environmental protection, practical, economic, energy saving, creativity and innovation for the development of fundamental key, original, with all kinds of household adornment style will become the mainstream of the industry.
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