The development of the dynasty bronze _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-09
Core tip: profile Chinese Bronze Age took dynasty bronze wares, the regional distribution of erlitou culture and dynasty territory, erlitou culture in summer far range of carbon 14 dating profile Chinese Bronze Age took dynasty bronze wares, the regional distribution of erlitou culture and dynasty territory, erlitou culture in summer far range of carbon 14 dating, this led to many scholars to erlitou culture recognition as the consensus of xia culture. Legend Xia Yuzhu dominant, historical data in more rev copper smelting summer after record. Archaeologists in yanshi and luoyang east dry ditch erlitou site unearthed in LianZha, copper crucible fragments, pieces of pottery mould, these also prove that erlitou culture has smelting and production of bronze ware of the workshop. The current archaeological discoveries are late dynasty bronze. Dynasty appeared from the start of two kinds of ritual vessels and weapons, and laid the Chinese bronze ware is the fabric of the ritual vessels and weapons. Took the bronze wine has found jue, Angle, etc, feeder ding, Musical Instruments, weapon arrowheads, Mr Bell, tool froe, chisel, cone, etc. , with brand accessories. Grain and casting characteristics dynasty bronze ornamentation, besides of nails, round cakes and geometric lines, is the Mosaic turquoise card act the role ofing, on those lines, two eyes, other part is abstract and not realistic, it is also the earliest known ancient bronze beast grain. Erlitou culture period bronze ware in the foundry technique and technology level, the copper stone and has been a major breakthrough in The Times and development, then in addition to small entity machine tools and weapons, is still using simple into a single category, such as copper jue made of bronze empty body is much more complex, it will use the van, have inside the van, and viewed from the casting marks, had adopted the van casting method. Is the most worthy of praise highly on craft, 1981, 1984 and 1987, henan yanshi unearthed three card act the role ofing, erlitou surface with turquoise, enchase exquisite beast grain, skilled, stereo sense is strong. Its high level of technology, it shows that it is not the initial stage of the product. Dynasty bronze liberaty's appraisal is China's entry into the beginning of the Bronze Age. This period is the main representative of the henan yanshi erlitou bronzes unearthed. Early erlitou culture in the Bronze Age, the bronze ware of class are very few, mainly small tools and weapons, and is the imitation of ceramics, wood, clam. It is important to this period bronze emerged in the production of the empty body, such as alcohol use and instruments of the bell. Casting an empty body is harder than casting entities and entity unit you just need to single fan fan; And an empty body is cast not only have the fan, but also have Fan Cai inside. From the casting of copper jue mark found had to adopt and van method. This represents the bronze casting process level. Unearthed copper erlitou jue and two for the element face, no inscriptions. The copper jue is the earliest bronze vessels found in our country at present. It form a thin waist, flat, thin, with three legs flow and tail is longer, the individual also near flow fold ( Flow and the joint) There are two short column. Two bodies is not big, in the side of a approximately semicircular leaf edges. Erlitou bronzes unearthed from the form small, rough, thin, bronze ware production is in primary stage. Despite the discovery of this period the number of bronze ware is not much, but it represents a new productivity, in the war in production, life and shows the advantages of far more than stone, wood, clams, bone artifacts, played an epoch-making role.
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