The development of the arts and crafts: traditional crafts with modern creative design

by:Ennas      2021-08-21
In the high-speed development of the society, the traditional development process and how it is? Expressed in the arts and crafts aesthetic idea and thought value may change as time changes, the design and production should also keep pace with The Times, the ancient traditional craft and modern art, modern design, combined with the actual life and fashion needs, through the modern expression form to activate its new vitality. From the experience of other countries, some of the things in life, souvenirs design and production process can draw inspiration from the traditional process, and fusion. Such as Disney, Japan has to be a partner with traditional crafts sculpture with a picture of the fine arts and crafts, the German town of Mr Classic toys & other; Nutcracker & throughout; The whole assembly lines, is used for more diversified design, was more widely welcomed. “ The revitalization of traditional craft, have to make it adapt to and influence the real life, rather than the untethered from real life. ” Chinese Academy of Social Sciences institute of philosophy, a researcher at the routes, points out that nowadays, people's life style changes quickly, which requires to combine traditional and modern, make the traditional craft culture into life, into the modern industrial production, promote the modern transformation and upgrading of traditional craft. On the one hand, modern means of science and technology can promote the protection of the traditional craft culture. By the end of 2016, the national pilot areas have to Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection center provides the non-material cultural heritage of the text, images, video and other digital resources 26307, through the way of digital protection. Of the extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture, on the other hand, for the modern handicraft production of creative source, in people's pursuit of personalized and quality of life today, integrated into the traditional crafts of the element design is popular among the broader, has the very big development space. Traditional process with the deepening of contemporary art, contemporary design interactive and equal cooperation, will enter the stage of international culture, with a fresh outlook show China's cultural image, it also requires a group of possessing characteristics of national culture and the characteristics of fashion brand, traditional craft to form a batch of internationally competitive enterprises, the traditional craft to promote China's cultural enterprises better & other; Go out & throughout; 。
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