The craziest toy car in the UK

by:Ennas      2021-12-11

Self-driving travel is not new anymore. How to make your own self-driving travel more fun, maybe you have to start with the 'car' first. According to reports, the colorful body is covered with hundreds of toys. The man Darren Bond proudly claims that he owns the craziest car in the UK. Bond is a kitchen fitter. In 1996, he spent 100 pounds (about 1041 yuan) to buy a second-hand Volkswagen Polo car. Since then, he began to decorate his car tirelessly, and the decorations he used: second-hand toys and various small accessories. Bond said that he chose this way of decoration because he hopes that the car will bring smiles to people. Today, Bond drove his car around the UK. His car not only attracted luxury car owners and stunned passersby, but also attracted the police. Bond said: 'The police stopped my car to check, and they laughed. The owner of a Lamborghini also got out of the car and took pictures of my car.' Now, Bond has used his car to raise money. With 1,000 pounds (approximately RMB 10,408) charity funds, he felt very happy.
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