The construction of kindergartens in Henan Province is in full swing, and the national preschool education industry exhibition is imminent

by:Ennas      2021-11-20

Recently, the Henan Provincial Government issued the 'Notice on Forwarding the Basic Standards for Kindergartens in Henan Province (for Trial Implementation)' (hereinafter referred to as the standards), which clearly stipulates that a new kindergarten should be built in a newly built community with a population of more than 5,000. In principle, one kindergarten will be set up for every 10,000 people in urban areas and every 3,000 to 6,000 people in rural plains. It is not difficult to foresee that in the next 3-5 years, the whole province of Henan will set off a climax of high-quality kindergarten construction. Combined with the 'Three-year Action Plan for Preschool Education in Henan Province' launched in May 2011, it is planned to build and expand 6,600 kindergartens in the province within three years. Up to now, 2,100 kindergartens have been newly built or expanded in more than one year, and construction has begun. More than 1,300 schools are under construction. With drums of war and flags rising, the construction of Henan kindergartens has blossomed across the province and is in full swing. Such a good situation immediately touched the keen business tentacles of the preschool education industry. The sense of readiness of 'soldiers and horses not moving, food and grass first' spread rapidly in the national preschool education industry. Manufacturers of the national preschool education industry flocked to Henan to find agents, build new stores, and set up offices. , Fierce competition, vying to get a share of it. Although there are many ways to expand business, most of them are laborious, costly and time-consuming. Without prior market cultivation, most of the products cannot reach important consumers directly, and we can only watch the loss of many great markets in vain. At this time, the industry winners used their unique market vision to focus on the faster platform of the exhibition. After careful comparison, the three-time Eurasian preschool education exhibition has been successfully held in the eyes of many preschool education leaders. Industry leaders such as Xinxing Toys, Huaxia Amusement, and Kincaid will sign up for the exhibition as soon as the 2013 Eurasian Early Childhood Education Exhibition releases their exhibition information. Enterprises in the preschool education industry clusters such as Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Baoying County, Jiangsu, and the 2013 Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition Group The contact numbers and letters of the Committee came in abundance. Manufacturers of preschool education products in Beijing, Shandong, Anhui, Guangzhou and other places also signed up to participate in the 2013 Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition. The Eurasian Early Childhood Education Exhibition was held for the first time in 2009, once a year, and it was the fourth in 2013. Has successfully assisted 373 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises and brands in various regions of the country, and reached transaction intentions with more than 2500 kindergarten principals and preschool education institutions, which has provided great help for these enterprises to expand the central and western regions and northern China, and have a bird's eye view of the national market. The most ideal business platform for many preschool education toy companies to promote their brands and expand the domestic market. Riding on the upsurge of mobilizing kindergarten construction in Henan province, these long-term old customers and new customers actively contact the organizing committee of the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition, backed by the strong support of many new and old customers, the 2013 Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition will be held in 2013. It bloomed again at the Zhengzhou Zhongyuan International Expo Center on June 7-9, 2015. The 2013 Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition Organizing Committee is busy in contact with the preschool education industry manufacturers, and at the same time assigns special personnel to actively contact with many kindergarten directors, persons in charge, and relevant personnel of preschool education institutions in Henan, so as to attract more and more professional audiences and purchases for the exhibition. Home. I believe that with the active registration of new customers across the country and the active participation of old customers, the 2013 Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition will help more customers share the dividends of the Henan preschool education market faster!
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