The code of conduct for salespersons in toy and baby products retail establishments is officially released

by:Ennas      2021-11-20

Recently, the China Toys and Baby Products Association officially issued and implemented the 'Code of Conduct for Salespersons in Toys and Baby Products Retail PlacesLevel and enhance the service image of the industry. The first professional service requirements for salespersons. The 'Specifications' were jointly drafted and compiled by 34 leading production and sales companies in the industry organized by the association. The contents mainly include: job responsibilities, job quality, appearance and appearance, words and behaviors, sales of goods, return of goods, abnormalities Situation handling, implementation and supervision, etc. In view of the sales characteristics of toys and baby products, it is emphasized that salespersons should understand the country's relevant laws, regulations and standards on the quality of toys and baby products, the basic market conditions and development trends, the characteristics of the physical and psychological development of children of different ages, and the health and health of children. Knowledge in intellectual development, etc.; familiar with product performance, price, usage and safety precautions; master the rules of civilized sales in retail places, knowledge of service etiquette, knowledge of product selling points, communication with customers and complaint handling procedures. At the same time, the 'Specifications' set professional service behavior requirements for salespersons in all aspects of the merchandise sales process: customers with children should actively greet the children, communicate with children softly and cordially, and the posture should be half squatting or squatting; retail; retail If the venue has samples for experience, and when customers bring children, they should actively solicit customer opinions and ask children to experience with samples. When children experience, ensure the safety of children; take the initiative to introduce the after-sales service provisions of national laws and regulations that must be undertaken by enterprises ; Proactively inform the product shelf life, warranty period, safety warning content, and other product use and maintenance precautions that should be notified or prompted. The toy and baby products service industry has significant peculiarities, said Liang Mei, executive vice president and secretary-general of the China Toys and Baby Products Association: Toys and baby products are different from general products, and they have certain special characteristics: first, there are many categories. , The update is fast, the field of expertise involved is wide, and the content of science and technology is constantly improving; the second is that the consumer is children, and the quality and safety requirements are high; the third is that the product price is relatively low, and the consumer awareness of rights protection is relatively weak. If the professional quality of the salesperson is not enough, the following situations may occur: one is to recommend products that are not suitable for the children's age group or not suitable for the customers, which cannot promote the healthy development of children; the other is for products with safety warnings. Failing to prompt the customer, resulting in children failing to follow the correct use method, causing accidental injuries; thirdly, they are not familiar with the function and use of the product, and cannot provide professional guidance. After the customer purchases, they do not maximize the value of the product. With the continuous development of the industry, service innovation is more and more valued by industry companies than product innovation. Creating value through service has become the development goal of the company in the new stage. The association organized the drafting of the 'SpecificationsFirst, focus on improving the service level of retail places in first-tier cities. Chairman Liang said: The association is launching a 'Brand Self-Discipline China Tour' campaign with the theme of 'Caring for Children's Growth, Safety Starts from Me'. As one of the key tasks in the event, the association first toured Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou first-tier cities to hold 'Toys and Baby Products Retail Salesperson Training ClassesBy teaching laws and regulations, service etiquette, communication and sales skills, parenting knowledge, etc., improve the service level of salespersons and provide professional services to consumers. If you want to learn more about the 'Specifications' and participate in the 'Toys and Baby Products Retail Salesperson Training Class' training, please consult the China Toys and Baby Products Association 010-66038881-202.
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