The Classification and Characteristics of the Material of Figure Sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-21
Character sculptures can be seen everywhere in our lives, and each character sculpture has its corresponding characteristics. There are also many kinds of materials for making character sculptures. Below, Beijing Sculpture Company will introduce to you the material classification and characteristics of character sculptures. Material classification of character sculptures 1. Metal material. ① Metal sculptures are used in large and small sculptures because of their unique texture. Metal sculpture materials can be subdivided into stainless steel (304#, 201#, etc. are commonly used according to requirements) , Iron, aluminum, lead, copper (commonly used bronze, brass, copper, etc.), aluminum and other materials. ②Stainless steel has been widely used in sculptures in recent years, whether it is indoor small stainless steel sculptures, urban sculptures or Large outdoor sculptures can be used well. The material of stainless steel has good ductility, and the surface can be produced with a variety of effects, such as mirror effect, wire drawing effect, sandblasting effect, spray painting effect, etc. ③Iron is used to make sculptures mostly because Sculptors love the metal texture of iron and the effect of surface corrosion. Iron is not resistant to acids and alkalis and is easily corroded. Therefore, some important outdoor memorial images are not cast with iron. ④ Aluminum and lead are lacking in the hardness of metals. It is only used in some small sculptures, but their material texture beauty is very distinctive. ⑤Copper is a sculpture material with a long history and tradition, with good acid and alkali resistance, firmness and metal ductility. Not only that, sculptors also like that it can process the surface into a variety of colorful colors, so that garden sculptures can be used to enrich the language of sculpture, but there is a drawback that the cost is too high, and it can only be used as a commercial sculpture in many cases. 2. FRP material. FRP material is a composite material of glass fiber and resin, also referred to as composite material in the industry. Because of its weather resistance, strong plasticity, high strength and easy coloring, it has been widely used in various fields. Sculptures can also be seen everywhere, whether it is cartoon style, retro style, abstract and realistic sculpture FRP can well achieve the effect people want, and the cost is greatly reduced compared with metal sculpture. 3. Wood. Wood is the favorite of sculptors. One of the sculpture materials in China, there are many types of wood in our country, and many woods can be used for sculptures, as long as they do not crack, the shape of the landscape sculpture is unchanged, and it can be used without insects, but the harder wood is better. 4 Stone. The more common is white marble. This kind of stone is white and delicate. It is a commonly used material when sculpting stone works. Palos Island, Naxos Island in Greece, Penteliku Mountain in Atiga It produces a kind of marble, and Greek sculpture uses this kind of stone in a large amount. Second, the characteristics of character sculpture 1. Publicity, character sculpture is located in the open space of the city, and has the nature of compulsory viewing. Unlike the sculptures in the collection, you can not like it. Go and see, here is the place where citizens live, and people come and go, you have to see it, so you should consider its social role, not as the artist's pure self-expression. 2. Persistence, most of the figure sculptures are Sexual materials, the investment is relatively large, if properly maintained, it can accompany the long-term existence of the city, and can even become the city’s brand image or city symbol. It is difficult to deal with urban sculptures, which makes people want to abandon them, and wastes funds. 3. It complements the environment. The figure sculpture is in a certain environment of the urban environment. On the one hand, it is restricted by the environment in which it is located. The environmental scene must be considered in terms of scale and style. On the other hand, it will also affect the environment and improve the cultural quality of the space. Good urban sculptures and the environment are organically combined to form artistic appeal. 4. Bright themes, sculptures can express events Or characters and other specific images can express complex character relationships and delicate character emotions. Therefore, in the landscape environment design, it can awaken the theme and play a role that other methods of environmental art cannot achieve. The above is about the material of the character sculpture. The introduction of the classification and its characteristics, I hope it can help you.
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