The characteristics of the qin and han dynasties bronze _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-10
Core tips: 1, the characteristics of the qin dynasty bronze feet that degree is length, tool is a ruler. Feet, generally made of wood, bone and ivory, copper feet now find the earliest henan luoyang golden village unearthed in 1931, is 1, the characteristics of the qin dynasty bronze feet that degree is length, tool is a ruler. Feet, generally made of wood, bone and ivory, copper feet now find the earliest henan luoyang golden village unearthed in 1931, is the 'only in one side carved ten ', the first inch carved 11, the remaining nine inch longer carved small division, but pay the lunch line in five inch position. Quantity: refers to the capacity, is a tool for calculating volume again. Copper content first appeared in the warring states period, later come down a lot, such as high martingale fan down, Anderson, kettle, sub grain kettle, etc. , are the official standards set by the gauge. Right: scale is weight, is a tool for measuring the weight of the equivalent of the weight and the weight of future generations. In addition, the pursuit of qin culture huge momentum tradition, after unified the six countries, due to the national strength strong, and be further. In terms of bronze ware, made great objects form. 2, the characteristics of the han dynasty bronze ( 1) The characteristics of the early western han dynasty bronze ware in the early western han dynasty ( High-impedance to scene emperor) , bronze ware, basic for the element face. The tripod mainly from the qin dynasty, but generally three feet shorter. Box only. Pot have type 2, size large pot belly bottom are slightly shrinkage, than qin pot belly drum; Small pot belly is slender, therefore often cast out the deformation. Eka cesium more popular at this time, some of them do very exquisite, abdominal have Mosaic turquoise triangle moire. Mou and garlic pot of continue to be popular. The household utensils, high light, bean smoked furnace, hook show the pipa, bar, jean cultured more gold, silver and gold, jade, or turquoise wrong. Bronze weapons, the sword and amraphel, spear, arrowheads, etc still exist. ( 2) The characteristics of the mid western han dynasty to the early eastern han dynasty bronze mid western han dynasty to the early eastern han dynasty ( West to the eastern han dynasty of emperor han wu emperor) Han dynasty is the most developed period, the western han dynasty bronze and bronze period for the formation of new style in the end. This period were of bronze with pot, pot, eka cesium, bronze, iron, hook, mirror, etc. Ancient lamp: lighting appliances. Bronze light appeared in the warring states period, and prevailed in han dynasty. Lamp looks like a lot, compared with ordinary is disc, disc bit, under plate column, the column under the ring foot; Also have a plate of low wild goose's foot, offer to hold oil or candle. Another lamp since the inscription of 'light', it has put the disk edge, dish has three short feet. The most appealing is the bronze lamp moulds, birds and beasts, the art of tree modelling lamp. Boshan ship furnace: instruments of ancient incense. Furnace as a circle, sometimes used to put spices, body is best, some foot still cast humanoid or birds and animals; Furnace cover all high and sharp, chase to have figures, animals, mountains form symbol seazan 'boshan ship at sea, so the name' furnace boshan ship '. Prevalent in the han dynasty. Zun: ancient wine vessels, for round, straight wall, covered, abdomen is deeper, the three beasts, beside the first title ring ears. Wash, wash one's hands with vessel. Shaped like a basin, round, wide mouth along, flat or round bottom, the external have spread the first title ring ears, insole Pisces is commonly used for decoration, and casting more auspicious. Popular Yu Hanjin. Ear cup: ancient drinking wine. Many paint system, called 'feather Shang. ' Copper, apparatus for elliptic, abdominal wall on the ear. Iron: antique ironing tools. Shape to round body along the wide mouth, has a long handle, prevails in the south-north. ( 3) The characteristics of the eastern han dynasty middle-late bronze middle-late stage of the eastern han dynasty ( And the emperor to offer the emperor) Bronze has new changes. At this point a few more bronze commodities are: clock, flat pot, pot, kettle, ð ¨ + “ bucket, lamps, boshan ship furnace, furnace, electric iron, bronze, ear cup, nothing, horses and chariots, hook, bronze mirror, seal The characteristics of the bronze ware is lighter than before, almost disappeared in the technology of gold or silver in bronze ware decoration, gold is still more, tasted fine lines appeared on the gold gilding intaglio moire. ( 4) Han dynasty bronze inscriptions inscriptions features of han dynasty should be two things: the main style of particularity, inscriptions recorded content characteristics of The Times. 1, the writing style of the han dynasty bronze inscriptions in the Chinese a lot, to simplify the way there are five major types of omitted strokes or Chinese character component, the overall simplification, cutting pen, pen, grass; Enriched word few, enriched means mainly include adding ideographic Chinese character component and add two pen. Han jinwen tongjia characters a lot, sometimes also with words and can be found in han jinwen, others han wen-zhong jin saw not also borrowed words. Words in the bronze inscriptions ( Including the lack of the author, leakage repair, leakage and not fill, administration, YanWen, um, wear pens and even the author) Is not in other periods. 2 jinwen still follows the warring states period, han dynasty 'wu le workers name' system at this time of 'le gong' has three types: level 3 system ( Manufacturing, the main building, province made) , secondary system ( Manufacturing, and the Lord made or manufacturing, province) , level 1. Additional, the calendar in the han dynasty bronze inscription has a court calendar, calendar and kingdom is said making time to time, is time. Han dynasty inscription bronzes mostly since the inscription clear, and have indicated that implements the use of places. When bronze ware is often a batch production, to use, so often carved figure number, air-dried number. There has been a number of bronze ware during the warring states period, but simple numbering.
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