The characteristics of colorful porcelain glaze wen run introduction to guangxu period _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-19
Core tip: pastel lotus form suction cup reign of qing emperor guangxu for porcelain collector now, things hidden may be less valuable folk kiln wares 'fair', is the modern replicas more, can collect a few light pastel reign of qing emperor guangxu lotus form suction cup for porcelain collector now, things hidden may be less valuable folk kiln wares 'fair', is the modern replicas more, can collect a few pieces of guangxu dynasty porcelain is also good. Leisure, playing with these China, also can enjoy the, here talking about some characteristics of the guangxu dynasty porcelain. In 1644, three events in Chinese history: at the end of the Ming emperor chongzhen hanged himself, li out of the city, qing its capital Beijing. Since then, the qing dynasty experienced health, harmony, dry three generations. To late qianlong, a historian called 'the glory of the setting sun'. Qing once, started by the tide, in guangxu period, a demoralised. China in ancient China, after the song, yuan, Ming, repeated, to 'three generations', to another peak. Qing jiaqing, porcelain art, sunset xishan generation than a generation. Porcelain from the guangxu period, but it is refreshing, when sit up and take notice. Some ancient porcelain scholars believe that this may be a reflection of the feudal society to shine on the art. The second-to-last emperor guangxu of the qing dynasty. Guangxu period in China, colorful. Such as the image of dragon, after mid qing dragon that appear on the China, to guangxu period, is a lot. The period of the dragon, should allow sacrosanct, less dignified, inflexible, the dragon as if from the palace into the ordinary life, seems to have some lovely. In addition, China also appeared frequently in the foreigner life scene, and 'foreign flavor' is dye-in-the-wood. Antique porcelain also appear a lot of this period, such as five royal porcelain imitation song dynasty style typeface, a lot of work skills, a few can be spurious. Whether it's blue and white, famille rose porcelain, etc. , all vivid, tire body hard, glaze wen run, lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood. Discuss why guangxu dynasty porcelain colorful, is a very meaningful thing. In 1840, under the attack of the qing empire in the British military power, was forced to open the door to open. 'Then,' the wind blow, blow into the old, dusty empire. Since then, the western style of work, and constantly appear on the 'made in China' of China. To guangxu period, not only 'the wind' is still blowing, imperial examination was spent at the same time, the new born. In fact, the single culture of China, has been gradually integrated into the multicultural. All this is significant impact on porcelain artist's thought and creation. Guangxu period, porcelain artists innovation consciousness enhanced, on the painting subjects, on glaze color processing, is the pursuit of artistic state. This innovation, is actually 'retro'. Craftsmen: porcelain art after the jiaqing decline continuously, deeply sorry. Some as a craftsman, in Ming dynasty blue and white porcelain art effect, 'qing three generations', production excellence, often write 'daming so-and-so year' on the bottom, made during the 'x', is demonstrated. A large number of single glaze porcelain imitation of the song dynasty, was perfectly, also for craftsmen have sense of responsibility. Reflected in a 'samsung old man' blue and white porcelain bowls, guangxu period has distinguishing feature very much. About 'samsung' products, is a traditional style, but guangxu period craftsmen pursuit of artistic beauty, modelling elegant, blue glaze color is pure, look, the taste of some of the kangxi porcelain. During this period, the foreigners into the country, buying large quantities of Chinese porcelain take Chinese porcelain to bring out, caused China demand is rising. This is an important factor guangxu dynasty porcelain to prosper.
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