The characteristics and performance of Europe type style line _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-08
Core tip: 593) 这一点。 宽度= 593” alt = ' ” src=' http://www。 cn - diaosu。 com/file/upload/201909/18/092813631。 jpg” / > One day, guanyin bodhisattva into village 593) 这一点。 宽度= 593 ' alt = ' src = ' http://www。 cn - diaosu。 com/file/upload/201909/18/092813631。 JPG '/ > day, guanyin bodhisattva into village appearance, holding a small box, inside pack a bronze mirrors, selling in the streets of luoyang. The street a lot of people come forward to inquire about the price of mirrors, the bodhisattva said: 'I this mirror is rare treasures, to sell one thousand two hundred pieces of silver, and less also don't sell. 'Listen to the bodhisattva said, someone asked where mirrors of precious. Buddha explained: 'this side mirrors, one is close the heart of good and evil, second can reflect all of the past. With this two points are worth one thousand two hundred silver. 'There is a people don't believe, ask:' the treasure, could you let me have a try? 'Buddha said:' of course I can, but I borrow a mirror reflected, to pay three pence. 'That person immediately pulled out three pence to bodhisattva. Bodhisattva mirrors and told him: 'as mirrors must be attentive, not thinking, can reflect the true shape. 'The man nodded, and took up focused in front of a mirror. About a pack of cigarettes of kung fu, he really saw these pictures from inside the mirror, is your previous actions. At last, he saw his fall after the death of animals, the afterlife reborn as a bitch. Watching all this, the man is very astonished. But of those who looked but saw nothing. Guanyin bodhisattva back mirror, out of his hand and asked, 'in front of the mirror once the three pence, is it worth it? 'The man frighten of forward al Jefferson said:' worth it, worth it. 'The people around after hearing what he said, have to look in the mirror. Has a total of three thousand people as a mirror. According to, the majority of people or noodles Lou fear of color, or pull a long face, only a few people in high spirits. Then it is dark, the bodhisattva said to them: 'this side mirrors, only sell one thousand two hundred silver is not expensive. It's a pity that we were common eye, no bargain. 'Say, bodhisattva will mirrors to be returned to the box in front of all the laws. Is all this just know originally guanyin bodhisattva to enlightenment. Only the eyes of different people at the scene, the bodhisattva presents a different method: in the eyes of the wicked, present a bodhisattva is gold god seven evil spirit, very terrible; In normal eyes, rendering is the phase of the petulant, bodhisattva is frightening; In the eyes of a good man, bodhisattva guanyin bodhisattva phase is good-natured. Then, we discuss with each of them a moment ago haven't take money out of the bodhisattva, built a temple, in situ consecrate guanyin bodhisattva. Just this statue of Buddha like have three sides, the front of the bodhisattva, great anger, left is right are Chen to face, hands, hold the side mirrors, the world called 'triple goddess of mercy', or 'samadhi guanyin' game. On three sides, in turn, symbol of wisdom, peace, kindness. Each side method contains a large intelligent and induction function, increase tian hui, bless peace, eliminate the disaster consumers difficult. Positive, guanyin prajnaparamita, namely the wisdom of virtue, said the goddess of mercy 'white DuDu people, wisdom and double luck', can clear the concept of self-interest, director of environment and the comfortable, and benefit him, view of machine and degree of freedom, of all living beings with prajnaparamita rev beings of wisdom. The left big angry face of guanyin liberation, namely completely get rid of ignorance worries and constraints, reach the state big free comfortable, performance 'chanting, all living Buddha read all beings' equal parts of compassion. Chen to the surface of the right reflect the dharmakaya DE of guanyin, yu 'bliss is my net' symbol of all living meat regiment, 'heart Buddha beings, 3 without difference', overall said the goddess of mercy guanyin icon 'big kindness and all living beings, dial all beings of great suffering' its image. Is 'compassion' and 'wisdom' and spiritual symbol of 'peace'. (
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