The British old man collected tens of thousands of toy buses in 60 years and set a Guinness World Record

by:Ennas      2021-11-15
Geoff Price, 67, a British elderly man, has collected 14,000 various toy buses from all over the world in the past 60 years, and the collection value has now reached 700,000 pounds. (Approximately RMB 6.223 million), setting the Guinness World Record.   Geoff Price, a 67-year-old British man, has collected 14,000 toy buses from all over the world in the past 60 years, setting a Guinness World Record.     It is reported that Jeff has spent more than 140,000 pounds (approximately RMB 1.245 million) for this hobby, but the valuation of his collection has now reached 700,000 pounds (approximately RMB 6.223 million).       Jeff had a keen interest in collecting toy cars as early as his childhood, and he had his first toy bus model at the age of 8. After getting married, he and his wife Linda traveled to Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey and other countries, and wherever they went, Jeff would find a way to find the toy car model he wanted. Jeff said: I traveled all over the world and contacted local toy car collectors. Everyone has their own wonderful stories.     It is reported that Jeff’s collection is in his home in Walsall, occupying three rooms and one attic room. His collection is mainly the toy cars of the Little Corgi toy series, from toy cars in 1903 to the national express models released today. Jeff’s collection of toy cars vary in size, some are very compact, and some can even accommodate many people.           Keywords: toy collection, toy bus, Guinness World Records
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