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by:Ennas      2020-06-17
Core clew: ender Lyle Martin John lewis gillin arron afflalo works, works Julio gong gonzalez gong gonzalez's madam cactus by Spanish foreign culture promotion agency, valencia ender Lyle Martin John lewis gillin arron afflalo works, works Julio gong gonzalez gong gonzalez's madam cactus by Spanish foreign culture promotion agency, valencia modern art academies and shenzhen hosted the blacksmith alchemy - — Valencia modern art museum collections 'shenzhen exhibition are being held in shenzhen art academies galleries. To last until May 20, the exhibition, master figurines Julio gong gonzalez's work be a focus. Who has close ties with Picasso, from craftsmen to artist, created a new situation in wrought iron into the figurine domain of the 20th century history of figurines, caused the audience's interest. Open figurines history by 'casting' to 'plastic' valencia museum of modern art is Spain's first museum of modern art, has become one of Europe's most important museum. In possession of more than 10000 pieces of art, the museum has one of Europe's most excellent photography, pop art, installations and abstract artworks collection, but one of the most famous is the house of the Barcelona figurine Julio gong gonzalez 394 works, including figurines, such as drawing and casting gold, painting and relief device, is recognized as the most complete collection of the artist. Julio gong gonzalez early elegant clever to natural raw materials such as silver, iron, clay, copper, brass, etc made with ornamental and practical work, and with the design, construction and other closely related, so there is no lack of practicability, embodies the process technique and the perfect combination of artistic appeal. And since the 1930 s, with the rise of modernism trend in Europe, his creative style also change a lot, more personalized, a batch of head, woman, masks, etc. , are trying to looking for a balance between abstract and concrete, with magnificent expression convey various traits of human life, his representative works are mostly appeared in this period. Before gong gonzalez of small metal sculpture, are made of copper water die cast, though also gave birth to many great works, but in his view, the way to a certain extent masked the material of the original vitality. He pioneered the use of iron, iron bars, iron, directly into a small statue, consciously has kept the very nature of the iron material, through this kind of hard material themselves to society and life attitude, has caused the seismic effect. This by the 'casting' to 'plastic', opened a new era of iron carving. His works such as constructivism, cubism and surrealism art genres are far-reaching. The blacksmith who teach Picasso suppress tagger skills the profound impact on the development of contemporary sculpture art, it is not trained, before the 'solo' is just a blacksmith. He was born in 1876 in Barcelona of the blacksmith's home, because the father is engaged in the metal iron openwork business, he studied alchemy and blacksmith handmade from urine. During the first world war, Julio invented a new metal welding, hit a celebrity in the blacksmith circles. And thus attracted the attention of the art in a wide range of Picasso. From 1928 to 1931, two people become a partner, in collaboration with the young people in the forest and other 6 iron works. Then, artists born by craftsmen gong gonzalez, officially became a professional figurines. According to introducing, technically, gong gonzalez teach the skill of Picasso suppression of thin plate, but his influence on the concept as the younger generation of Picasso's art is more profound. Vibrant Picasso's art thoughts, of course, the tribute gonzalez form his own artistic creation system also benefit a lot from it. Traces of welding for the audience to see the creative process works in this exhibition Julio gong gonzalez, people can clearly see the trace of welding. Valencia, head of the museum of modern art, gong gonzalez is Europe's welding technology for small steel raw material combined the originator of the statue. He believed that iron plastic work should not be static, should let the people see the works of the creative process, so deliberately left the trace of welding. He will even iron rust process is also regarded as a kind of wonderful art, intended to show in his work. Other three artists are gong gonzalez firm followers, they inherited the tradition of the gong gonzalez, there were plenty of innovation, but in the aspect of work style and present a variety of artistic features, Martin John lewis gillin abstract work style, good at native to the canary islands in Spain in the ancient symbols, such as screw, into the small sculpture; Ender Lyle arron afflalo figurine works with 'form' as the theme, its continuity of empirical style; While miguel navarro, city with modifications to the space, construction on site, his works into the modern urban planning and architectural design elements, the order and disorder in the industrial society. They reflect the contemporary Spanish figurine art an active profile.
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