The benefits of manufacturers (suppliers) joining the toy Baba

by:Ennas      2021-11-22

How does the market make a profit? First of all, does it have to be traffic, and only if there is popularity, there is business. Toy Baba has a daily hit rate of more than 100,000. It is one of the largest and most popular online bazaars in the toy industry. Toy Baba, a big market on the Internet of the manufacturer, has opened up three channels for 100,000 customers to search for products. 1. Find the manufacturer by function. Toy Baba has more than 6,000 manufacturers, nearly 500,000 products and 423 categories. Manufacturers’ products are assigned to 423 categories, making the manufacturer’s products easier to search for by customers. Second, according to the picture to find the manufacturer, that is, according to the product catalog to find the manufacturer. The picture allows customers to see the product more intuitively, and then directly contact the manufacturer of the product. 3. Find manufacturers through search. Customers can search for manufacturers more accurately and quickly by entering the manufacturer’s name through the search function on the homepage of the Toy Baba website. There are more channels for customers to search for products, and the frequency of manufacturers being searched is higher, so the popularity is also improved. Toy Baba was established in 2008 and has already had a large number of members renewed for seven consecutive years. The website renewal rate exceeds 80%. In Chenghai, a local toy production base, 50% of the toy factories are members of our Toy Baba. After several years of development, Toy Baba has become a fairly mature website and has become a familiar pronoun in the toy industry. Toy Baba is a gold mine. Everyone who understands toys will see their glasses shine. To be a member of Toy Baba is a 100 times more valuable choice. There are two types of members of Toy Baba. One is an ordinary member. The manufacturer can register as an ordinary member of Toy Baba for free, and can publish 50 products to experience. Ordinary members allow manufacturers to experience the traffic of their products and the operating procedures of the Toy Baba website. After publishing the product, you can enter the background to view the product's traffic. If manufacturers want better results, they can choose another one, which is Toy Baba’s four-star VIP membership, with an annual fee of 2,400 yuan. Investing in toy Baba is a kind of investment with no loss at all. Join Toy Baba and believe that an investment of 2400 yuan will definitely bring you unexpected benefits.
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