The beauty of ceramic glaze nirvana _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
The beautiful scenery in life in motion transformation, ceramic glaze is one thousand to artists of the accumulation of generation after generation, is watered them with both hands, wisdom, sweat, and even life calcination, and eternal. It is said that the red is a beautiful girl with his body into the burning kiln fire burn becomes. How mysterious stories and worth exploring study career - — Glazed! More than 20 years, from the city of jingdezhen old duck beach only five kiln, moved to small sculptures of jingdezhen porcelain industry to the floods, I accompanied by his father's side, his creation, I glazed, possessed at that time, I can, when there is a push into the kiln kiln car, I always put a few pieces of 'child' in order to test the change of the glaze, in my memory, slowly from a glaze fruit, a piece of feldspar, a sorghum ( Ceramic raw materials) Uncover the mystery of the glaze in the continuous trial - — Glaze is with different inorganic mineral, clay, metal, etc. , through the configuration of the science, and the repeated high temperature oxidizing flame or reducing flame burning. But with a glaze was too much trouble, not match well can be burnt, because there is a particularly important factor, that is the role of fire, what glaze with what kind of fire, it is very exquisite, is not as easy as cooking: red glaze to reduction in place, blue glaze to oxidation. In the face of these changes, unpredictable and complicated glaze, I seem to be entered into a maze. When I looking back on it in the Ming and qing dynasties ancient porcelain, more feel the greatness of the ancients, they become mud and glaze color is more precious than gold. Jingdezhen traditional glaze before didn't burn, basic gray is soil, only to make them after the high temperature reduction calcining into bright is dazzing glaze, has its inevitable rule, in the process of kiln and its contingency, the effect of kiln is not repeated, of course, that is not including oxidizing flame color agent glaze firing. So every time the kiln firing glaze is different, is called the 'nature and humanity rare'. Ceramic glaze beauty in where? From her physical beauty, kiln glaze has the beauty of a kind of unreal, can make the dusty grey mud gorgeous porcelain, have the beauty of the green light craft, have inferior smooth glaze gentle beauty, and beauty of the rugged thick mat glaze. Because of this, many ceramic artists in the creation of fully utilizing the inherent character of glaze, the work of the conception and theme can be fully, make the work is not only beautiful, and have a beautiful culture content, the glaze is of great value. Stable persistence of glaze is glaze unique advantages, whether it is painting color, traditional Chinese painting color, paint color is not compared with enamel colour this uniqueness, our ceramic one thousand cultural relics unearthed from, or from the bottom up playing waterlogging ceramic vase can see one hundred, although deep in the earth, the sea hundreds of thousands of years, but their glaze color is still keeping his new colour. The 21st century is the era of the development of science and technology, in the field of ceramic glaze of varieties is also emerge in endlessly. In order to meet the needs of the decoration, is now not limited to those ancient glaze, such as the five dynasties white glaze, the northern song dynasty of green, egg white glaze of yuan dynasty, Ming dynasty ji blue glaze, glaze, such as at the end of the qing dynasty tea adds warm color attune, cool color attune, comprehensive and tonal, glaze, glaze surface and so on numerous modern glaze, breed is very rich. Whatever the glaze, is service for the creation of the artist, from the creation of content, according to the need of aesthetic appeal, starting from the demand of society. In the scope of application, from the art of ornamental porcelain porcelain, practicality, to the building which require different glaze to decorate. Ceramic glaze has entered many different areas, in different space radiant beauty.
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