The basic types of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures and the conditions for manufacturing their molds

by:Ennas      2022-02-18
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, fiberglass sculpture is a relatively common one. For fiberglass sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce the basic types and manufacturing of fiberglass sculptures. The conditions of its mold. 1. The basic types of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture 1. The supplementary lesson type learns the skills, language and expression methods of Western classical glass steel sculpture, and tends to visual aesthetics. 2. There are more people of form exploration type. Through various methods, Accepted the information of modern Western glass steel sculpture, engaged in the discussion of formal language, emphasized the self-modeling law and language of glass steel sculpture, carried out abstract and semi-abstract experiments, and tried new materials. 3. National type This is a conscious culture The choice is that after China introduced the Western modernist glass steel sculpture system, some glass steel sculptors, while accepting the influence of Western modernist glass steel sculptures, consciously grafted and integrated them with Chinese traditional and folk glass steel sculptures, hoping to complete the national glass steel sculptures. The modern transformation of sculpture. 4. The conceptual type uses various materials and modeling methods while embedding certain social and cultural concepts, and has a relatively obvious rebellious and critical stand. Conceptual and subversive glass and steel sculpture works , Appeared in some art societies and communities during the Eighth Five-Year New Wave. Second, the conditions for manufacturing glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture molds 1. Ambient temperature: the ideal temperature range is 21-28 °C. In the process of manufacturing original molds and molds Always maintain such an environmental temperature. The matrix material used in mold manufacturing should have a preferential chemical reaction process. Environmental factors are not suitable, which will prolong or speed up this process and have an adverse effect on the performance of the mold. Humidity: Humidity has a negative impact on the performance of the mold. The curing of the resin has an important effect. If the relative humidity is greater than or equal to 70% during the manufacturing of the mold, it will have an adverse effect on the curing of the matrix material. You should be cautious, and you should wait until the appropriate production conditions or take dehumidification measures. 2. Perfect Workshop management Mold manufacturing workshops should have chemical product storage conditions, temperature and humidity control equipment, and clean work sites. Management needs to be divided according to the process flow fixed area, process specification cards, work instructions, quality tracking cards, etc. Complete documentation and detailed records. 3. Pure and dry compressed air supply is another element for the manufacture of high-quality molds. A small amount of water or oil in the air pipe will have an important impact on the mold gel coat. It needs to be matched and placed in The air compressor in a good environment is equipped with effective air dryers and oil-water separators, as well as a voltage stabilization and pressure regulation system. 4. The raw materials are selected as much as possible to use high-quality raw materials, which are used to manufacture high-quality FRP molds Another important condition. The cost of raw materials used to make molds only accounts for a small percentage of the total cost, and don't try to save. 5. Arrange a reasonable process, whether it is the traditional layup method or the use of low shrinkage The system, the required time is determined by the curing characteristics of these materials. Attempts to take shortcuts or speed up the process will have a negative impact on the quality of the mold. 6. Well-trained The so-called well-trained technical workers mean that they have basic knowledge and professional skills, have good behavior habits, and can consciously regulate personal behavior. The above content is the basic types of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures brought to you by Beijing sculpture manufacturers and their manufacturing. The introduction of mold conditions, I hope it can help you.
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