The baby products industry has a large demand for IP licensing CLE China Licensing Exhibition sparks IP brand licensing fever

by:Ennas      2021-12-23

With the domestic resumption of work and production and the recovery of consumption, the operation of the baby products industry has gradually returned to normal, and the demand for IP authorization by baby products companies has become increasingly strong. The 14th CLE China Licensing Exhibition, hosted by China Toys and Baby Products Association, will be held at the Shanghai International Expo Center on October 21-23 this year to meet the IP licensing needs of the majority of baby products companies. At present, a large number of baby and child products companies are actively visiting and pre-registering. Industry experts said that the baby products industry itself belongs to the integration of multiple sub-sectors, including baby food, baby clothing, baby toys, baby products, baby education and training, confinement care, etc. The market is huge. Driven by the domestic second-child economy, consumption upgrades and the increase in residents' disposable income, the development potential is huge. However, the decentralized operation and homogeneity of the baby products industry is serious, facing consumers' individualized and high-quality market demand, the industry urgently needs to be transformed and upgraded. The realization of cross-border cooperation with IP suppliers through IP authorization is an important breakthrough. On the basis of excellent product quality and service, baby products companies can obtain current hot IP support, which can quickly attract consumers' attention, thereby expanding market share and standing out in the fierce market competition. Recently, the '2020 China Brand Licensing Industry Development White Paper' exclusively released by the Brand Licensing Professional Committee of China Toys and Baby Products Association shows that the sales of licensed products are generally higher than similar products without IP authorization. Among them, IP authorization drives product sales to increase by 1-19% accounted for 27%, IP authorization drives product sales to increase by 20-49% accounted for 34%, IP authorization drives product sales to increase by 50-99% and more than doubled Of enterprises accounted for 16% (total accounted for 32%). The baby products industry is a key service industry in the IP brand licensing industry. The 'White Paper on the Development of China's Brand Licensing Industry in 2020' shows that in the distribution of licensees' industries, baby products account for 6%, ranking in the top six. CLE China Licensing Exhibition can better meet the IP licensing needs of the majority of baby and child products companies. CLE China Licensing Exhibition is a large-scale and highly influential professional licensing trade exhibition in Asia. It has been successfully held for 13 sessions so far. This year, the 14th CLE China Licensing Exhibition exhibited more than 1,800 high-quality IPs. International IPs gathered together, covering all IP categories, including cartoons and animation, art and culture, fashion, film and television variety shows, video games, corporate brands, portrait images, Audio-visual books, sports, online literature, academic celebrities, etc., will bring more IP licensing options for baby and child products companies, and help achieve new growth in performance. This year, the CLE China Authorized Exhibition and CTE China Toy Fair, CKE China Baby and Child Fair, and CPE China Preschool Education Fair will be held in the same place at the same time. The four exhibitions are on the same stage, providing more opportunities for cross-industry cooperation. At the same time as the CLE China Licensing Exhibition, there will also be a China Brand Licensing Summit Forum, etc. The industry leaders will lead you to jointly explore new trends in the IP licensing field. At present, the organizer, China Toys and Baby Products Association, has also upgraded the IP365X business docking platform and launched the '365 Cloud Exhibition' online docking platform. The IP authorized party uploads IP project information and company information to the platform in real time, which can be used for baby products. The enterprise provides one-to-one precise IP authorization docking service, which provides great convenience for the cooperation between baby and child products enterprises and IP authorized enterprises. If you are a baby products company and want to leverage brand licensing to enhance product competitiveness and expand into new markets with IP, please log on to the official website of 'CLE China Licensing Expo' (www.chinalicensingexpo.com), or scan the two-dimensional poster of CLE China Licensing Expo. Code, click 'I want to visitAt present, there are not many CLE China authorized exhibition booths. If you are an IP authorized company and want to expand the field of baby products, you can search for 'CLE China authorized exhibition' to enter the official website (www.chinalicensingexpo.com), click 'I want to exhibit' on the homepage, Sign up now to take advantage of the business opportunities in the IP market!
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