The baby can play with the chewing rattle for a few months

by:Ennas      2022-01-21
Novice parents and moms don’t have rich parenting experience. When the baby’s teeth are uncomfortable, they start to like to bite things. Mom and dad start to buy and buy all kinds of teethers and teeth sticks based on their feelings, but they are endless. What should I do if the quality is not satisfactory and the baby does not like it? In fact, when moms and dads choose toys for their babies, they must not only choose the right brands, but also the right products. Babycare and Professor Kimberly Kopko discover the educational function of rattles in the growth stage of newborns. Through exploration and play, babies under one year of age can develop perception and hand-eye coordination, which can promote the baby’s fine motor and bilateral brain development. Through parent-child interaction, learn to understand cause and effect. And the concept of object permanence. Babycare teether rattle educational toys abandon the commonly used PC material in the industry, use the safer ring ABS, reject BPA, safe and odorless, so that every time the baby's tooth tip rebounds, it is safe to satisfy the baby's desire during the period of appetite. Bite, mother is not worried. Moreover, babycare teether rattle educational early education toys include bees, giraffes, lions, long shapes, octopuses, hippocampus, frogs, whales and other cute and cute shape teethers. The semi-circular handles with small colored beads are built-in to play your imagination. Wings to get to know the various small animals walking in the primitive jungle and the seabed. While training the baby's advanced grip, it can also stimulate the baby's hearing and exercise the ability to follow. At the same time, the babycare gutta-percha rattle puzzle early education toy cooperates with the classic ultrasonic moulding process, the material is fused firmly from the inside, to avoid accidents such as accidental eating caused by the falling of the small colored beads during the play, the crisp and sweet ringtone, accompany the newborn . 10 handbells with different shapes and functions, exercise the baby's multiple cognitive abilities, combined with the cute ice cream color, let the baby put it down. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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