The Artistic Value of Modern Metal Sculpture and Its Maintenance and Maintenance

by:Ennas      2022-02-18
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, metal sculpture is a relatively common one. For metal sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce you to the artistic value of modern metal sculptures. Its maintenance and maintenance. 1. The artistic value of modern metal sculpture 1. Modern metal sculpture is the extension and development of Chinese traditional culture and sculpture skills. It embodies the profoundness and profoundness of Chinese culture, and has a long history. There are ancient bronze statues of Shang dragon and tiger patterns, and Western Zhou Dynasty. Ding and Longxin Palace Lanterns of the Western Han Dynasty, there are modern metal sculptures with modern flavor, and Hanbo sculpture has a qualitative change compared with the previous stone sculptures. It has a modern flavor. The artistic value of modern metal sculpture is like a bridge between art, which plays a role of connecting the past and the next. 2. The artistic value of modern metal sculpture lies in its innovation and adaptation to the requirements of modernization, reflecting contemporary progress and style. Yuantian Modern Metal sculpture focuses on innovation, combining form, color and visual space, incorporating elements such as geometry, machinery and technology, and sometimes exaggerated expression techniques, pursuing visual breakthroughs, being more modern, abstract and three-dimensional, with contemporary urbanites Emotion and fashion atmosphere. 3. The artistic value of modern metal sculptures is to compare the intangible cultural grains of museums. Modern metal sculptures are more life-oriented and integrated into the life for people to appreciate and cultivate sentiment. The lawn of the campus. , The logo of the building, the photography at home, the relief on the wall, etc. 2. The maintenance of the metal sculpture 1. We must regularly clean the metal sculpture. Where the bronze sculpture is placed, it is unreliable to get dust on it after a long time Things to avoid. Note that the cleaning mentioned here is not to rinse with a lot of water, but to use a clean soft towel or cloth to gently remove the dust on the surface of the metal sculpture and restore its original appearance. When wiping, pay attention to the action. Some small and complex metal sculptures are fragile at the connecting part, and you must pay special attention. You can use a brush to gently sweep away the dust. 2. When transporting metal sculptures, you must wear gloves. Because people will be able to hold the palms of their hands during the transportation process. A lot of sweat, if left on the metal sculpture, is harmful to the metal sculpture. If the metal sculpture is placed indoors, ensure that the room is dry, and try not to let chemicals such as strong acid or grease come into contact with the metal. Sculpture, so as to avoid chemical reactions. But when the gloss is reduced, we can repeatedly wipe the metal sculpture with a silk cloth to make the surface of the sculpture glow again. 3. We often encounter such situations, in public places. Metal sculptures are scribbled by some low-quality people, which is really unbearable. Because urban metal sculptures are located outdoors, they are not easy to manage, and they are exposed to wind and sun, so people need more careful attention. Take care. In this case, regular large-scale cleaning is required every year. If there are more serious scratches or something, professional bronze sculpture masters are needed to remedy it. The above content is what Beijing sculpture manufacturers bring to you The Artistic Value of Modern Metal Sculpture and Its The introduction of maintenance and maintenance, I hope to help you. Beijing Sculpture Company is a comprehensive sculpture manufacturer engaged in sculpture design, production and installation. It is committed to fiberglass sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, casting sculpture, forged sculpture, relief sculpture, The design and production of diversified urban sculptures, garden sculptures, landscape sculpture products and the installation and production of stainless steel sculptures, such as rockery plastic stone, character sculptures, spiritual forts, etc. Sculpture price and stainless steel sculpture price quotation service.
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