The aristocracy in wood, the wood of the 'black pearl'

by:Ennas      2020-06-13
Core tip: as a 'wood in the nobility', black walnut beloved. Dark, high, singular, luxury, are all black walnut irresistible charm. As an extremely precious wood, the price of black walnut as aristocratic '' wood, black walnut beloved. Dark, high, singular, luxury, are all black walnut irresistible charm. As an extremely valuable timber, the price of black walnut is also very expensive, is the real 'expensive'. Name: black walnut ( Scientific name: black walnut Juglans nigra) Genera of juglandaceae walnut origin: mainly in the eastern United States, Italy, the black walnut generally comes from the United States on the market. Wood main properties: air dry density 0. 56 ~ 0. 67 g/cm3, in medium density wood is a kind of strength and hardness are good wood. Black of black walnut: worthy of the name 'black' pearls! General of walnut color slants shallow, redness, quality of a material is a little light, section appears in small twill, belongs to the tropical fast-growing timber, production is very large. And although the black walnut which belong to the same, but the cutting face is smooth, glossy soft, light is dark brown with purple, with beautiful big parabola pattern, and wavy circumnutate tree lines and like 'bird peck' the size of a small nail needle knot, the adornment design of form a feast for the eyes. Black walnut after steam treatment sapwood variable depth, more beautiful and noble, the surface of the dark overlay content rich decorative pattern, measure of nature to give the preference of the black walnut, the black walnut also become worthy of the name in the wood 'black pearl'. Expensive of black walnut: identity 'expensive' high, price is limited in part black walnut tree species, in limited supply, the black walnut on the basis of the high level of appearance, the precious and expensive for one more point. Black walnut is very expensive, many furniture are usually only use wood veneer, rarely with solid wood. Because is dark tree species and has good flexibility, coupled with their noble identity, black walnut wood is usually used to senior piano surface and luxury cars and yachts interiors, including Rolls-Royce, bentley, maybach, lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes name the car in the world. Europe's Louvre, Versailles palace, Buckingham Palace, swan castle preserved palace royal nobles such as antique furniture with black walnut for raw material. Especially the French Louis xv style furniture, was named 'walnut era'. Since the ancient times, the American black walnut is western royal aristocrats, material of choice for the upper class people do furniture, known as 'the noble in wood'. The choice of the spread of the black walnut: originality black walnut has always been a noble brand classic interior, Rolls-Royce founder Henry rice at the beginning when choosing the material of the car dashboard ado. In order to produce reliable quality and superior performance cars, he find a lot of material, deliberately choose even consistent grain color material, so the split joints can not see the trace of seam. By trial and error to hundreds of rare wood, Henry rice found that American black walnut grain not only beautiful, but also hard heavy texture, durable sex is extremely strong, black walnut, after carefully polished surface bright as a mirror, joining together tightly, look flawless, this is the Rolls-Royce extensive quality. In the end, Henry les chose black walnut wood makes the dashboard of Rolls-Royce, even the texture registration filing, the same black walnut for damage in use in time.
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