The annual output value of Chenghai's toy and gift industry is planned to exceed 60 billion yuan by 2020

by:Ennas      2021-12-19

Report from this newspaper (Reporter Lin Fusheng and intern Zheng Yuejia) The reporter recently learned from the economic and information department that in recent years, Chenghai District has given full play to the advantages of traditional industries to help promote enterprises to inject cultural elements such as animation, games and film into the toy and gift industry. Promote the development of the toy industry to high-end industries such as creative industries and cultural industries, and realize the gorgeous turn of the toy and gift industry. According to statistics, the toy and gift industry in Chenghai District achieved an output value of 35.1 billion yuan in 2014, an increase of about 14% over 2013. It is reported that there are already a group of key leading toy companies such as Huawei, Aofei, Interactive Entertainment, Xiaobailong, Qunxing, Shifeng, Flywheel, etc. in Chenghai District, which have integrated into the fields of independent animation development and animation cooperation, and have successfully developed a number of animations. Works and derivative toy products, the whole district has invested in the production of more than 40 animation films, and the output value of the animation toy industry has grown at an average annual rate of 18%, bringing unlimited business opportunities to the toy and gift industry in Chenghai, and driving the transformation of the toy and gift industry in Chenghai. upgrade. Chenghai District also uses its involvement in the game industry as a link to give play to the synergy between toys and games. Chenghai Toys leads the trend, not only in the improvement of toy technology content, but also in the extension and improvement of the industrial chain from the animation industry to the game industry. At present, leading listed toy companies such as Aofei Animation, Interactive Entertainment, and Huawei Technology have seized the opportunity to quickly enter the online game and mobile game market, expand the mobile Internet entertainment industry, and meet the leisure and entertainment needs of consumers. For example, Aofei Animation invested more than 1 billion yuan to acquire the 'Pleasant Goat' brand, Beijing Fangcun Technology and Aileyou, and developed the game 'Thunder Fighter'; Interactive Entertainment (formerly Xinghui Car Model) successively acquired game developer Changyu Tianxia He Tiantuo Technology has realized the transformation and upgrading of online interactive entertainment represented by car models and baby products to mobile games and online games. From toys to animations to online games and mobile games, the road map of Chenghai's toy industry to the creative and cultural industries has become clearer. Toy companies in Chenghai District, by intensively investing in the independent development of large-scale online game works, and cooperating with physical toys parallel to virtual games, realize a new business model of the toy market that runs simultaneously online and offline, and thoroughly breaks through the barriers of the two major industries of electronic games and physical toys. , Creating a 'win-win' market effect for online games and offline toys. Guide the traditional toy manufacturing industry to seize the commanding heights of industrial development, realize the extension of the industrial chain of the traditional toy industry, and increase the added value, which is the key to the transformation and upgrading of the toy and gift industry. The reporter learned that Chenghai District is currently accelerating the planning and construction of an animation culture and online game creative industry park to attract cultural creativity, artificial intelligence, and 3D rapid prototyping enterprises to settle in the park, forming four major alliances of animation toys, smart toys, model toys, and educational toys. , To build China's toy and gift capital and an international toy city. It is planned that by 2020, the annual output value of Chenghai's toy and gift industry will exceed 60 billion yuan.
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