The annual China Toys and Baby Products Creative Design Competition is officially launched

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

Recently, the reporter learned from the China Toys and Baby Products Association that the annual China Toys and Baby Products Creative Design Competition was officially launched. The theme of this year's competition is 'Safety, Comfort and Fashion LifeThere is a single category of safety seats, soliciting design works from global designers, colleges, institutions and enthusiasts. This creative design competition is the fifth, co-sponsored by the China Toys and Baby Products Association and the Children’s Work Department of the All-China Women’s Federation, and co-organized by Jiangsu Baijiasite Automobile Products Co., Ltd. The purpose is to extensively solicit the design of child safety seats for automobiles. New ideas and selection of excellent design talents will further promote the innovation and development of the industry. At the same time, we hope to promote the important role of child safety seats in protecting children's travel safety through the competition. It is imperative to promote the safe travel of children in China. With the rapid growth of my country's car ownership, the number of child car accidents is also increasing, and the harm is even more shocking. More than three-quarters of all children's traffic accidents occurred on the road. Among them, there are many in-car 'tragedies' caused by not using child safety seats. Experts said that, as one of the current ways to protect children’s safety and safety, the correct use of child safety seats can reduce infant mortality by 70%, and reduce the mortality rate of children aged 4 to 7 by 59%. The utilization rate is much lower than that of developed countries. In July 2012, China’s first compulsory national standard for children’s vehicle safety, 'Restriction System for Child Occupants of Motor Vehicles,' was officially promulgated; in March 2013, under the guidance of relevant national ministries and commissions, the association organized the industry 'Brand Self-Discipline China' To implement the meeting, promote industry self-discipline, and provide consumers with safety seat products that meet the requirements of national laws, regulations and technical standards; in July 2013, the Beijing Play Expo specially launched a collision experience area for child safety seats for automobiles. Restored two car collision scenarios, and corrected consumers’ misconceptions that “carrying the baby is safer”. Nearly 120,000 parents and children visited the scene; on January 14, 2014, the association held a “key work for the child safety seat industry” “Seminar” to accelerate cooperation with relevant government departments to strengthen market supervision; On January 23, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Certification and Accreditation Commission issued an announcement to implement compulsory product certification for restraint systems for motor vehicle child occupants... the government, associations, The attention of enterprises and consumers to the safety seat industry has reached a record high. Children’s safe travel by car starts with product design. Liang Mei, executive vice president of the China Toys and Baby Products Association, said that all sectors of society are paying great attention to children’s safe travel. As the spokesperson of the industry, the association and the Women’s Federation jointly launched the 'Baijiasite Cup' car The child safety seat creative design competition hopes to start from the source of product design to ensure the safety and comfort of child safety seat products, and to use this as an opportunity to call on the whole society to pay attention to child safety and popularize the knowledge of child safety seat purchase. Chairman Liang introduced that the theme of this competition is 'safe and comfortable, fashionable life'. Teachers and students in industrial design, product design, art design, automotive engineering and other related majors at home and abroad will develop and design internationally, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and the mainland. The company’s designers, kindergarten teachers under the Women’s Federation at all levels, and design enthusiasts have extensively recruited car child safety seats with novel design, integrated functions, easy operation, easy installation, and more comfortable rides. The player rewards are the highest in history, and you are the design elite. As the most authoritative and impartial design festival in China’s toy and baby products industry, this competition has set a record high in player awards. In addition to a bonus of up to 30,000 yuan, the winner will also have the opportunity to be invited for free throughout the event. Visit international events held in Cologne, Germany, Hong Kong, China and other places, and communicate with international safety seat brand companies. Cao Guangming, chairman of Jiangsu Baijiasite Automobile Products Co., Ltd., the co-organizer, revealed that the winners will have the opportunity to join Baijiasite Company first, and the local municipal government will also provide special subsidies such as housing, spouse employment, and children's schooling. It is reported that the China Toys and Baby Products Creative Design Competition has been successfully held for 4 years, and nearly 10,000 people from 520 universities and design companies across the country have participated in the competition. More than 5,000 effective design plans have been collected, and the industry and social influence have been continuously improved. The registration deadline for this competition is June 30, and the winning results will be announced on September 5. To learn more about the content of the contest guidance PPT, video materials and registration process, and accurately grasp the design requirements for this contest, please log on to the homepage of the official website of China Toys and Baby Products and click on the 'Creative Design Contest' picture column above to view.
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